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December 16, 2014

Hello. Gone for the holidays, but The Yellow Spectacles will be back in 2015 with new features, posts, and creative content. Merry Christmas & Cheers to The New Year!

The Yellow Spectacles 

AN Insta-(Gram) Pop-Up Party

December 5, 2014

With Instagram ruling social media, I took a few quick picture picks right from my mother's IG page +Maryann Chef for this latest post.

Dec 5th was her birthday--a casual celebration, but a need for party essentials and a cake of course.

I wanted to keep the affair casual, but charming. Selecting a color scheme and a party theme is essential in event planning no matter how big or how small (ours was small).

Nether-the-less I was inspired by this year's Tiffany's NYC holiday windows that I witnessed a few weeks back as well as this season of the ABC show Once Upon a Time as it is centered around the Hans Christine Anderson fable, The Snow Queen. Truly delicious.

Blues, silvers, and snowflakes were present with the party decor along with a  snow-leopard hand-made paper poinsettia.

My favorite part about the decor (aside from the Das Dutch Haus cake) was the tiny mason jar--aka a party in a jar.
Party in a jar!

I took confetti, glitter, and sequins and put all the contents into the jar--voila! Party in a jar--and a keepsake for my mom to put out each year on Dec 5th. Ta-Da!


The Holiday Cards That Got Lost In The Mail

November 25, 2014

Holiday cards are just as fun to receive as they are to send via snail mail. With everything now being virtual and "online only" it is nice to actually, "like" something that you can hold. This is why I propose that you send at least one holiday card this year.

Break out the gold gel pen, stickers, stamps and write a heartfelt wish to a friend or family member--this gesture will make the holidays feel like the holidays.

Big wig card companies have made a killer living on selling greeting cards and envelopes to consumers --now smaller artists and online card personalizing companies( Minted, Shutterfly, Simply Jessica Marie, etc.) are taking over the creative market making personalizing cards, notes, and warm hellos a major trendy factor. These two fellas below were ahead of the curve before creating a cool yule was even well, cool.

Meet Vern Dufford--former Master Artist and Graphic Designer at Hallmark Cards along with Tom Wallon, Paper Engineer.

In this post, Dufford recalls his most memorable Christmas Card & Gift-Wrap Collection that never made it into the big H's retail display, A Razzle Dazzle Christmas. You can say, that these babies were lost in mail...until now.

Together, Dufford and Wallon created a dazzling red, black, and silver winter wonderland card collection. Dufford was the illustrator behind the fountain pen while Wallon executed his creative sketches with his card craftsmanship.

The collection that never made it to retail sales--maybe it was too glamorous for the retail customer or just to big to execute-- was a visual spectacle of wonder lust. Cards folded out to reveal reflective 3-D snowflakes and 3-D snowmen illuminated the holiday showcases.  The fierce red and black backgrounds of the handmade cards were softened by whimsical white silhouettes of deer, snowmen, snowflakes, and doves.

Take a peek at what Christmas forgot...be inspired to make your own holiday merry. Send a card. Send some Christmas Cheer.


A D.I.Y. Kind of Girl: Megi D

November 5, 2014

Meet Megi. She is the creator of the Blogger based blog, DIYs by Megi D.  The blog was started March of 2013.

Meg is a natural Do-It-Yourself type of girl. She is only 16--still in high school.
Outside of school, friends, and extracurricular activities, Megi updates and maintains her blog from her Cali based home.

Naturally, all bloggers have a theme and a burning flame behind their online posts and writings--yeah, Megi does too.

"[The blog] is named for what I want it to be for people; a destination for those who want inspiration and instructions for fun crafts, fashion, beauty/reviews, and recipes from me, Megi D!"

Certainly, the DIY element to Megi's blog is present, but you'll also find a lot of styling and beauty tips from her too-Megi loves fashion and sketches/creates designs her her spare time.

" I have always wanted to be a fashion designer..." Megi says, continues her though, saying, "With my machine I have sewed bags, and right now I am working on a midi-tulle skirt (which is the first clothing piece I have attempted to make.)"

Perhaps, where Megi succeeds the most pertaining to blogging is the styling and effort she puts into her pictures--which are all taken by her.

You can tell she puts creative thought after thought into each photo shoot--even clipping pink earrings to tree limbs for a artistic effect feature in her Homecoming post.

The pictures are mounted on a giggly pink blog backdrop highlighting the young, fresh spirited approach that Megi puts into her blog.

Megi, a truly creative person gathers inspiration from everywhere to everyone. She says,

"I enjoy reusing items to make something new."

Meg still has plenty of time to see if she'll turn her blog into a career after high school, but she does have some backup options.

For one, Megi wants to be a flight attendant traveling the world, What's her first destination? Spain, Si! 

"I have been taking Spanish for four years, and I think going to Spain would be a really great opportunity to be immersed in the language and culture there."

One thing is for certain, Megi has the time to execute all these plans. Let's just stay up-to-date with her and her blog to see how it all plays out. Ciao!

You can keep up with Meg on her Instagram account


Her YouTube Channel      


A Spooky Treat

October 27, 2014

Hey Y'all! Happy Fall. With Halloween days away, I wanted to share a spooky-creepy-not-so-scary movie with you!

Fall...playing in the leaves, spending time with my dog, and just enjoying the scenery is a favorite of mine. I know, The Yellow Spectacles usually focuses on other and not myself, but this is just too sweet to pass up.

Happy Haunting! 
Movie made using the iMovie APP. 

Bubblegum Balloons: The Balloon Business is Booming!

October 15, 2014

The Bubblegum Balloon Gals 
There is no party without a cake, but really there is no party like a real party without any balloons. Truly, have you ever been to a birthday celebration without balloons? Or to a anniversary par-tay with balloons being M.I.A? I didn't think so.

Meet Bubblegum Balloons. Their name is just as delicious as their selection (& creations) of marvelous, over-the-top balloons. The British balloon company was found by three besties; Sally Hodge, Laura Slater (sisters), and their good friend, Megan Robertson. Each of the women all share a passion for creativity and of course, balloons.

Over a glass (they say two) of wine the friends came up with a unique balloon creation--confetti filled balloons with excellent tassels, ribbons, and trinkets adorning the balloon's string--truly nothing exists like it in the party atmosphere.

Now, the UK Bubblegum Balloon business has popped! In a good way. Their happy creations have been everywhere from Givenchy to L'Oreal. In this feature, The Yellow Spectacles interviewed one of the BB founders, Sally to see what its like to work for a business that runs on helium.

The Yellow Spectacles: What is a a typical workday like at Bubblegum Balloons?

Sally: There is defiantly no typical workday at Bubblegum Balloons. We could be up on a early start to London, packing up balloons to be delivered, keeping up with emails and social media input, and of course, we get in a lot of photo shoots and design days! It's a lot of hard work and juggling, but we wouldn't change a thing!

T.Y.S: How do you and the balloon team keep ideas fresh and creative?

Sally: We are constantly looking for the next thing...it is great to have so much inspiration out there by the way of social media and our clients always push us in directions we never thought we would go...They keep us on our toes with all of our ideas.

For the time being, Bubblegum Balloons has 28 various gift balloons with their Superstar Balloon being the most popular.

T.Y.S: Bubblegum Balloons is a UK based company. Do your clients mainly exist at your home base or do you have a wide client outreach?

Sally: We are building a worldwide fan base which is super exciting for us! But yes, the majority of our customers are UK based, but we are flying to Venice to setup balloons for a party soon.

So, it is safe to bet that these ladies have more than hot air and glitter in their pockets--they know what it takes to build a brand. When they first launched their business, the gals sent press balloons to possible vendors, buyers, bloggers you name it in order to gain exposure.

T.Y.S: Can you recall what was Bubblegum Balloons' first big break?

A whole lot of helium

Sally: Yes, at the start, we fell in love with our brand and our ideas were non-stop! We had a great response from our launch press release, it was then we knew we had something special.

T.Y.S: What was your biggest event? How many balloons were used?

Sally: We did a 1000 balloons for a very special little princess--that's a lot of helium!

With all their fabulous ideas, balloons, and parties to show off you can imagine that Bubblegum Balloons' social media platform is huge. The company is big on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and their blog--Checkout their unique creations.

As for you--someone sitting on the verge of a creative, successful,one-of-a-kind business take notes from the BB team. Sally says, "Just start making the dream happen one day at a time. Have a goal and start pushing your ideas. Get your brand out there and in front of the right people."

Sally and the BB team know the secret to a better business as they each play on each other's strengths; one is more creative, another is business savvy etc.

T.Y.S: So, what's next for Bubblegum Balloons? Other than more and more balloons of course?

Sally: We are currently looking for a new premise, that will be the expansion of our team...some exciting times ahead for Bubblegum Balloons.

No matter the dream, goal, or occasion Bubblegum Balloons has a balloon for that occasion. The creative brand keeps reminding all creative spirits that success is within our reach--we just have to look up once in a while.

"Let's make people happy together!"


Getting Social With Blogger, World Traveler, & Fashionista: Robin Reetz

September 22, 2014

Robin's next destination: Either a weekend getaway
to Berlin or North Carolina & Atlanta for the holidays
Hello, meet Robin Reetz a women who wears an assortment of fashionable hats in the fashion and reporting industry.

Here are just a few of the many hats or as the French would say, chapeau that Robin has previously adorned: she has worked/interned at both Vogue, Teen Vogue, WWD, is a contributing editor for The Cheap Chica Guide to Style, has designed accessories for Anthropology, Teen Vogue,  Refinery 29, and writes for her blog, The Second Floor Flat--need I go on?

Actually I do. Aside from Robin's fashion credentials she is an American living in London, England with her husband. Together they travel the hemisphere for work and pleasure. It is the travel, the new sites, and city smells that fuel Robin's blog posts, articles, and fashion choices with new engaging content and wearable trinkets.

As it goes for any respectable fashionista the desire to write and wear runway inspired clothes starts early. At least, it did for Robin who new that fashion journalism was her calling even in the very beginning.

Robin spoke on her passion, saying, "I've known that I wanted to work in fashion journalism and communications since I was young. Such as the case for a lot of creative careers, I didn't see a direct path to the world of fashion magazines-so I made my own." Indeed, she did as  Robin continues, saying,

"I studied fashion at Savannah College of Art and Design, worked at my school newspaper, and interned in New York."

London Streets, but Robin adores Paris "...A magical city"
Yes, Robin interned in the Big Apple--with the mecca of all magazines Vogue and Teen Vogue. As it goes with any creative career that first big break means everything.

Robin felt that "I finally made it feeling" when she scored her coveted internship with Vogue. She spoke on her experience, saying, "It was the first time I realized that all my hard work was being noticed--it was an amazing moment!" 

Now, with her past publishing experience and her current online writing opportunities, Robin is seeing the world--for both work, family, and pleasure.

Following Robin on IG you basically feel like you're on a whirlwind weekend trip all the time. Robin will tell you herself, that she has been lucky enough to travel to sought-out locals such as Monte Carlo and Budapest for business, but its the more leisurely excursions she treasures.

"Travel is inter-woven into my life in a lot of ways--my husband is originally from South Africa, and we currently live in London, so we're now in a position where we have to travel to see our families."

Traveling for either fun or work can greatly influence your life (not-to-mention your career) outlook.

"Travel opens your eyes to new people, places, and experiences that help you see the world in a new light. Experiences I have had have definitely informed me as a writer." 

It is safe to say that traveling and writing can go hand- in -hand, but tossing fashion in the mix can be a bit tricky. Here are a few of Robin's tips to not only pack, but travel fashionably:

1. The simpler the better!
2. Choose a single color and pack in shades of that color.
3. Imagine what you'll be doing on the trip and what you'll want to wear while doing it.
4. Cutting down on shoes (I know, it's hard) and other accessories saves some luggage room.

Okay, with all this travel, packing, and inspirational reporting--Robin has to have an all time favorite destination right?

"...It's so cliche, but I have to say Paris or maybe the South of France--which is gorgeous as you imagine-I never tire of either."

Neither would I for that matter.



A Pretty Look At the Instagram Account: @Feminin_Grace

September 12, 2014

Follow on Instagram @Feminin_Grace

Bonjour readers. Any creative, crafty, stylish, and home decorating fanatics can testify that the Internet, blogs, and Pinterest are all hubs for inspiration and motivation.

But stop and think. Instagram also is a mecca for people wanting to share their inventive projects, clever collaborations, and celebrations--the social media giant isn't just a host of endless selfies.


Speaking of Instagram meet the latest IG pioneer, Adwoa Osei or by her Instagram name, @Feminin_Grace.  She is a pediatrician with a knack for photography. This isn't kitty and puppy pictures, but rather artful shots of mostly decadent sweet treats and serene nature shots.

All of which she shares via her IG account. Osei comments on her photography passion, stating, "My IG was born out of needing an avenue to share some of my creative ideas and photography without having to write a long blog post about them."

She continues, saying, "My IG name was born out of how I creatively express myself; feminine, soft, and graceful (in French)."

Captured by Adwoa Osei

Looking at Osei soft and pretty images you can get a sense out of where she draws inspiration from. She herself says, "I get a lot of my inspiration from via the Internet, magazines, poetry, being a woman...Ultimately, most of my creations and projects stem from how I feel and what emotions I want to project through my work and photography."

It's funny that the inspiration is a gift that keeps on giving as @Feminin_Grace keeps sharing her projects along with millions of other people doing the same on Instagram.

So what IG accounts does @Feminin_Grace follow for a little creative pick-me-up?

There are plenty, but she loves: @traveltall, @lasens, and @themagictv for travel inspiration.

 For accounts that are pink, pretty, and pristine: @rachelparcell & @whimsically_detailed to name a few.
As for IG accounts to feed her inner foodie: @frannyskitchen & @breakfastwithbex are two of her popular picks.

The Instagram account  @Feminin_Grace is yet another example of the groundbreaking ways that you can share, edit, and feed your inner passion. For Adwoa Osei, her inner passion being fed is clearly photography.

"I love doing things that bring me such inner joy. #happinessinmysoul" Osei musses. 

Re-Vamped Bedroom Chair

September 4, 2014

Paint and Accessories 

So, have you ever been driving along and suddenly there--you spot something rather dusty, ratty, but possibly divine tossed to the curb?

This has indeed happened to me once or twice before. Needless to say, I am not one to dumpster dive, but when I found this in-need of a little TLC cane-back chair at the curb last Christmas I couldn't resist the urge to pick the chair up and show her some love.

Meet Joan (named after Joan Rivers & her Marie Antoinette decor style). Before Joan could even make her way into my home I had to take the carpet cleaner and some sandpaper after her to get her into conditioning shape.  

The Joan Chair 

As you can tell from the "Before" photo Joan's paint was yellowed and her cushions were dirty. But after soap and water I painted Joan a color called, Pink Sea Salt  from The Martha Stewart Paint Collection and added a touch of gold sparkle on the chair's top and bottom engravings.

Accompanying Joan's new hue, I accessorized her with a golden Cynthia Rowley pillow and a sheep skin Ikea rug...Ta-Da! A new and improved chair to call my very own.

It's nice to meet you Joan, you're welcomed to stay.


Being a Breakfast Blogger:Breakfast with Bex

September 2, 2014

Rebecca Doser
Whether you're a blogger, babysitter, banker or whatever you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sadly, with our hectic schedules breakfast takes a backseat to quick granola bars & breakfast burritos--or at least something like that.

However, one savvy college co-ed is changing the breakfast scene. Meet Rebecca Doser-A.K.A. Breakfast with Bex.  Bex is truly transforming the way we eat and see breakfast--instead of breakfast being a fast bite while we're dashing out the door her posts and IG  account make the first meal of the day seem like a gourmet emporium. 

So, we can gather that Bex is BANANAS for breakfast, but who is she & how has she started a blog dedicated to la petit dejeuner

Well, she's just a simple college gal at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY who loves writing, fashion, journalism, volleyball, and yes--breakfast. However, this is not your typical scrabbled eggs meal-but a healthy and perfectly styled breakfast. 

Bex states, " Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! I am a very active person as a volleyball player at St. Lawrence University so fueling up in the morning with carbs, protein, and fruits is important to keep me energized throughout the day." 

The truth is that Bex remains focused by fueling up each morning, but so does her 1,000 + Instagram followers as she shares the most vivid yet delectable food photos on her account

Bex started her IG page back in March of 2014. Her food and her followers have grown in the past months as she continues to encompass her passions for healthy food and witty caption writing. 

In fact, Bex states about her IG content, 
"I have some dedicated followers who cannot wait for the captions just to get their morning laugh in, which really makes me love what I do."

Bex's tongue and cheek IG posts/comments is what tempted her to create her own blog on WordPress. Bex knew Instagram was the ideal place for sharing quick foodie pics, but having her own blog has prompted her to grow as a writer, blogger, photographer, and as a creative spirit. Seriously, check out some of this girl's recipes--her Carrot Cake Oatmeal? Yes, please!

Breakfast with Bex

How can we be a little more like Bex? Well, her go-to recipe ideas are mainly inspired by her mother, Betsy Doser who is a well-known self-made baker in the Doser's hometown of Penfield, NY. Aside from her mother, if Bex had to pick three b-fast ingredients it would consist of eggs, oatmeal, and fruit--nice choices. Why? "I eat all three of these at least every single day."

So, with this breakfast blogger by morning, student/volleyball player by day is Breakfast with Bex down with breakfast for dinner?

"Oh, Bex is down with breakfast any hour of the day! My favorite time is breakfast for dinner! What's not to love?" 

 Check out this breakfast blogger today--she'll turn you into a breakfast believer.

"Everyone has a secret obsession & mine happens to be breaking out of bed
to prepare delicious & healthy  breakfasts!"


A Look At The Chic Pet Collection: Dog & Crow

August 12, 2014

Kate Horsman Leader of The Pack: Dog & Crow

Home furnishings and a well dressed closet are all important things, but really they mean nothing if you have no one to share them with. Of course, another human-being companion would suffice, but I am thinking more along the lines of a furry four legged partner.  A Dog.

Our dogs are our best of friends...therefore, we should have nothing but the best for them when it comes to their needs and their accessories. Really, the "blinged" faux diamond collars and the hot pink pet beds are truly passé. Luckily, the posh yet demure pet retail line, Dog & Crow has an effortless take on all things pet related.

The company, Dog & Crow was stated by Interior Designer, Kate Horsman. Horsman used her design background when creating her company, "Dog & Crow brings design, function, and philanthropy into the homes of dog lovers and their furry friends."

Horsman wanted to create pet products for her dog, Sarge and others that were chic, neutral, and versatile. The gaudy bedazzled leashes and zebra printed pet blankets were aesthetically too much and the basic pet store finds weren't enough...Voila! Dog & Crow was born--just about...

Mary Jane Classic Leash 
Horsman tells the underlying story about how the fine pet line truly came into existence, stating, "The story of DOG & CROW is born out of the love of an animal. Sarge, a handsome and stoic Rottweiler rescued by Kate six years ago, was enamored by crows." 

The day Sarge died and there afterwards, Horsman kept encountering crows and took it as a sign from Sarge up above to carry-on and she eventually did by creating Dog & Crow. 

The line that began with sentimental values  has upheld it's charitable roots. A portion of the retailer's proceeds goes toward  the BCSPCA--a charity that is close to Horsman's heart and her animals.

Dog & Crow

She states, "It's the cause nearest and dearest to my heart and it provided me with my last two dogs. I felt it important my company maintain that heart in it's brand. "

Although, Horman has a high pedigree for style and charity, but she simply wants best products for any canine out there. Went asked what is the one necessity for any pet owner Horsman replies,

"I think a great leash! One that will stand the test of time and just have a timeless quality feel."

With Dog & Crow's style savvy products, their furry online models, and the brand's creative product descriptions support Horman's initial intentions of creating a well made line of pet products. Her advice to others who have a similar passion is,

" Take your time and make sure you love what your brand is. There are so many challenges as an entrepreneur, that if you don't have that passion behind it, it would be very easy to lose drive."

Certainly, this idea turned website, turned brand is something to crow and bark about.

Follow Dog & Crow on Instagram for all the latest products.

A Snippet From The Jessica Behind: Simply Jessica Marie

August 6, 2014

The Jessica behind Simply Jessica Marie
Meet Jessica Clinch or also known to creative bloggers as, Simply Jessica Marie--SJM. SJM is utterly the whole package regarding the world of stationary, gift wrap, and event-planning. She does everything from custom water-color portraits to hand designed paper greeting cards--trust me you'll want to keep this token in mind for this year's holiday card selection.

Aside from painting, blogging, and creating SJM is also a lead party planner at The Amber House Weddings. So, with all the glamorous (yet hardworking) hats that Jessica Marie adorns what's her favorite part about her creative life?

Custom water-color portraits are her specialty 

She states, "While I adore creating everyday products for my shop, there is something so beautiful about working with someone to listen to their vision and make it come to life through a custom illustration." She continues, stating, "It truly sets my heart on fire!"

While Jessica Marie's illustrations continues to set her heart on fire, her unique methods of sending friendly "hellos" makes us giddy too. Luckily, we can all follow SJM on Instagram to see what she is currently up to.

"I am a very visual person, and love getting the chance to see a glimpse into other people's lives and the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating weddings, designs, and more. I also love the community that forms on Instagram" states SJM.

Still not completely bewildered by SJM's talents in the creative industry? Peak at her blog to get a better visual. There, you'll blush with pink pleasure as peonies, sequins, and dreamy illustrations fluttery your brain and visual senses with fancy details.

Of course, you'll be inspired to create something truly divine in your own right, but you'll also be inspired to do some shopping at the SJM boutique. Paintings and cards are a given, but how about a chic monogrammed canvas to give your space it's own personal touch? Oui. Oui. 

So, you think you have the dreams, talents, and social media chops to start up your own creative business?

Words of advice from SJM, "One of the key lessons I have learned in my business has been that collaborations are so wonderful for growth."
 She proceeds, saying, "... Try something new and creative that you might not have otherwise thought to do on your own, and have your final project shared on both of your social media sites, gaining exposure for both of your businesses. It has been invaluable for SJM!"

SJM just maybe the SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) of the paper/party planning world...it has big, but fabulous shoes to fill none-the-less.

This Month's Feature: Bow & Drape

July 21, 2014

If only there was a majestically divine place where women could customize their clothes to their unique individual style...oh, wait there is a place. This is Bow & Drape, a revolutionary online create-it-yourself shop were tech & fashion savvy garment wizards create one-of-a-kind pieces. Yes, this means you too!

At Bow & Drape you'll be motivated to create your garments by the same things that the Bow & Drape founder, Aubrie Pagano was (and still to this day) inspired by--timeless fashion role modes a la Audrey Hepburn and classically elegant style.

Bow & Drape comments on the magic of their fashion success, stating, "We think it should be different. And by fusing technology with haute design, we believe that women can have a real connection with their clothing again."  
So, if you're someone whose falls asleep while looking through clothing racks at the mall then you better click on over to Bow & Drape. At the custom retail site, you'll be able to pick from an array of tops, bottoms, silhouettes, colors, trims, and more. All of their made-to-go creations are sewn, trimmed, hemmed, and shipped in 14 days from NYC.

Just imagine walking down the street in your uniquely you 1 in a melon striped skater jumper...heads will turn...eyes will stare...and lips will ask, "where on earth did you get such a cute dress?"

You'll smile and say, "Bow & Drape darling..Bow & Drape."

Share all of your fashion customized goodies using the hash tag #BowandDrape

Create an Initials Wreath

July 7, 2014

Why not opt to hang something that shows off your personality on your door? What better way to display a piece of you other than by creating an initial wreath for all to see?

For this project a wooden letter cutout, glue, burlap, and ribbon is needed to create this uniquely you wreath.

After you have adhered the burlap to the wood letter you can opt to embellish your letter for a maximum personality pop. Tie a corresponding ribbon to the letter's back and hang for you and others to see.

A Page From the Dairy Sketches: Laura Kay

June 30, 2014

Courtesy Laura Kay Etsy 
Fashion bloggers, writers, up-and-coming designers are all the rage in today's realm of social media. These members of social society stay on cue, sharing what's hot & what's trending now with the public.

There is one fancy female with a fashion flare doing the same kind of fashion 411 publicity--only she does it with the stroke of her felt tip marker.

Meet fashion illustrator, Laura Kay. She shares & streams all kinds of whimsical fashion based art via Twitter, Instagram, and her website, diarysketches.com.

Kay's fashion fixtures really are on point & all the rage as her doodles have even caught the eye of Kim K.

Seriously, for those seeking happy tongue & cheek  art you must not only checkout her fashion sketches, but see what Laura Kay can do for your image--literally.

Courtesy Laura Kay Etsy
Kay does custom portraits which she often shares via Instagram. Illustrating for Kay is like breathing, she says, "Art brings me joy!! It's my passion, it's my oxygen!" and p.s. she also states, "my favorite color is grey."

It's fun to get lost in her animations of real life people portrayed with lengthy legs, rosy high cheekbones, and flowing frocks--just peek at her sketch of Vogue's leading lady, Anna Wintour.

Much like bloggers and other creative minds, Kay doesn't have to look too far for sketch ideas, "I'm inspired by fashion and pretty thing around me" she says. 
Fashion, art, and anything pretty in its own right is fair game for Kay to portray with a swish of  her color pencils and a little imagination.


Sultry Summer Saturation: Featuring The Salty Pineapple Hut's Katherine Gaskin

June 27, 2014

Photo Courtesy Katherine Gaskin Tumbler 

Every summer, we are all on a personal quest--whether it is to seek out a little r and r, thrilling adventure, or inner growth summertime is the ample time to do so--or at nothing else become a beach bum for the season.

The Salty Pineapple Hut creator, Katherine Gaskin captures the essence of summertime throughout her daily water soaked  life with her inventive color-bombing method of beach photography.

Waikiki Print Collection 

Gaskin, as self proclaimed freelance traveling photographer is able to capture various paradise locations around the globe by uniquely "combining super-saturated colours, blazing hot sunsets, and photography" from her past voyages which showcase some of the world's most beautiful beaches.

While most of us collect seashells to remember our beach getaways, Gaskin's vivid hued paradise photography prints are her seaside souvenirs in her own right.

"These prints serve as souvenirs from each place I've visited and as a reminder to always be adventurous"   Gaskin says. She continues to say, "From Hawaii to across the world, I plan to release a set of art prints dedicated to each exotic paradise I can dig my toes into."

If a trip to Hawaii isn't in this summer vacation budget, Gaskin has your back as her first series of beachy prints are for-sale. This round of prints are influenced by her travels to Hawaii's breathtaking islands.

The Waikiki Hawaiian Islands Print Collection is guaranteed to cure any case of cabin fever.

All of Gaskin's prints are hand-signed and are limited to an edition of 25.
Truly, gems in print format.

Gaskin actively shares her salty shore photos of Hawaii and beyond through her Instagram page, but all of Gaskin's summer essential prints can be purchased from The Salty Pineapple Hut.

Wakiki Print Collection 
Summer is only here for a short time, but The Salty Pineapple Hut beach themed prints won't disappear after the last summer sun
sets. Like Gaskin says, "Stay Golden."

Keep up with Kat on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumbler too.

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