Re-Vamped Bedroom Chair

Paint and Accessories 

So, have you ever been driving along and suddenly there--you spot something rather dusty, ratty, but possibly divine tossed to the curb?

This has indeed happened to me once or twice before. Needless to say, I am not one to dumpster dive, but when I found this in-need of a little TLC cane-back chair at the curb last Christmas I couldn't resist the urge to pick the chair up and show her some love.

Meet Joan (named after Joan Rivers & her Marie Antoinette decor style). Before Joan could even make her way into my home I had to take the carpet cleaner and some sandpaper after her to get her into conditioning shape.  

The Joan Chair 

As you can tell from the "Before" photo Joan's paint was yellowed and her cushions were dirty. But after soap and water I painted Joan a color called, Pink Sea Salt  from The Martha Stewart Paint Collection and added a touch of gold sparkle on the chair's top and bottom engravings.

Accompanying Joan's new hue, I accessorized her with a golden Cynthia Rowley pillow and a sheep skin Ikea rug...Ta-Da! A new and improved chair to call my very own.

It's nice to meet you Joan, you're welcomed to stay.