'While Winter Days Melt into Springs' 5 Ways to Find Your Winter Groove

5 Ways to Find Your Winter Groove 

So, the holiday decor is down...at least at my house, it is. I know lots find taking down their Christmas/holiday decorations to be sad {which in a way, it is} but taking having all that extra stuff down is so refreshing--it's almost like hitting a complete 'refresh' button.

During the winter months after the major holidays, it's easy to lose momentum & feel kinda 'blah.'
Here are a few things I do after the holidays to keep my winter groove alive & well--after all, spring isn't too far away {hopefull} 

5 Ways to Find Your Winter Groove 

  1. Tidy Up Your Space: After Christmas, I like to tidy up. This means organizing my files/papers, putting away gift wrap, & donating things/clothing that's no longer wanted. 
  2. Re-Decorate: I like to keep things/decor this time of year crisp & clean as minimal as I can {I do have a lot of stuff lol} but I try to keep my aesthetic simple--whites, light grays, & soft pink colors, as well as a few winter scented candles. Also, I usually keep a string of twinkle lights out which I have timed to go on when it gets dark.  
  3. Set the Mood: Having a few winter or aromatherapy candles & room fragrances out & placed really rejuvenates my post-holiday mood. Two of my favorite soy candles I bought this year at Marshalls. The first is called,  'Winter' & the second is called, Pecksniff's Aromatherapy Deep-Sleep candle.  The best part stores like Target, TJ Max, & Marshalls have most of these scented candles on sale as they're making room for their spring merchandise. 
  4. Clean Desk: A clean desk is often a clean mind. I can't work on an overflowing desk. Take time to get rid of what you don't need & organize what you do. A new memo pad, fancy pen, & desk calendar can do wonders for your conscience.
  5. Look Forward to Something: Winter can be rough!!! I often say, having something to look forward to is everything. If you have something fun to look forward to that takes place in early spring that can really help keep your winter spirits alive & bright. Me? I am SO looking forward to seeing CHER in concert this April. LOL, I keep having dreams where I am talking/having lunch which her & each time she's has a different look from whatever decade. My last dream, it was the 1960s'/70s' Cher with the long dark hair, haha

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  1. Yes to all of these...and gimmie that cookie!!