Press Presets: What Are Lightroom Presets & Why You Should Use Them

Press Presets: What Are Lightroom Presets & Why You Should Use Them 

By now, you've heard of bloggers & photographers talk about presets. Whether you use them or want to start using a preset, I want to put together a post sharing my experience with them & what they are all about.

So, what is a preset? Basically, a preset is similar to a filter {in my opinion, a higher quality version} that works with the subscription photo editing tool, Lightroom.

There is the yearly subscription Lightroom,, part of the Adobe Suite, for desktop computers {I use this} as well as the Lightroom app. Using only the Lightroom app is essentially free for photo editors, but if you buy any Lightroom Mobile packs, you do have to have access to a desktop to un-zip the Zip File all presets {both desktop & mobile} come in!

While many use the various Lightroom presets created by others it's also possible to create your own presets for your photos. Essentially, whether you're using a free presets or one you've bought, after deciding what aesthetic you want to go with, you import your presets into Lightroom & you can start applying them to your photos.

It's pretty easy, with one click the preset is applied to the unedited photo.

Of course, each photo is different so the amount of tweaking really just depends on what content you're editing at the time.

When I first started using presets, I made the mistake to not switching to shooting in RAW! I am not sure why switching over to RAW is scary, but I 100% recommend shooting in RAW if that's what your desired preset calls for--you'll be able to get the maximum impact from your photos using the RAW format.

Note, RAW images do take up more space on your memory/memory cards.

Suzy Shattuck Presets 

There are all kinds of presets to buy, some are only for Lightroom Desktop & then can be also applied in the app on your phone {what I do}. There are also presets for JPEG photos as well as various mobile preset packs too.

So, it's just up to you, your style, & budget if you want to go full-on with the desktop version or play around with a few mobile packs on your phone.

Personally, I use {& love} the Suzy Shattuck Presets. They really create a unique mood & rich tone to all of my photos.

Why use presets? If you purchase a preset/ preset pack it helps you as a creator to establish an aesthetic to your photos, Instagram grid, & blog.  It really helps with consistency & is also a timesaver when editing multiple photos at once.

Aside from the Suzy Shattuck Presets, a few other preset packs that I think highly of are:

Most, if not all of the presets & bloggers I listed above have the option of Desktop or Mobile packs...good to keep in mind!

With that said, I know there are a ton of presets out there {Etsy has a bunch} but in the end, it's really about finding what works for your style & aesthetic & then letting your imagination run with it! 

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