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Hi, I'm Katelyn.

The Yellow Spectacles is a space where I share my creative vision for life, style, home, & other happy things through one pair of spectacles at a time.

My Word of 2023 'Moderation'

My Word of 2023 'Moderation' Moderation: The avoidance of excess or extremes  You have probably heard of the saying, 'everything in moderation.' As we …

Bathroom Organizing Hacks

Bathroom Organizing Hacks This time of year, there seems to be anything but to do but go through your belongings, rid what you no longer need & organize what you w…

Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration

Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration  During the holidays {or any celebratory time} there are two kinds of people.  The first is the type of person who labors over how they'…