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Hi, I'm Katelyn.

The Yellow Spectacles is a space where I share my creative vision for life, style, home, & other happy things through one pair of spectacles at a time.

DIY Daisy Cake

DIY Daisy Cake This time of year, as we're on the cusp of springtime, I do my best to incorporate as well as create celebratory & festive blog posts for two r…

Here Comes the Easter Bunny Cake

Here Comes the Easter Bunny Cake  Whether you are inspired by the cute little bunny outside your kitchen window or Bad Bunny on the radio, you can't deny, bunnies, t…

Easter Bunny Paper Plates DIY

Easter Bunny Paper Plates DIY  Mr. {or Mrs} Easter Bunny hops this way, Sunday, April 17th . Are you someone who decorates for spring as well as Easter?  If you're l…