Top Movie Picks to Vibe with Your Summer Aesthetic

Top Movie Picks to Vibe with Your Summer Aesthetic 

You've heard the saying, your vibe attracts your tribe? Well, the same can go for cultural influences & the season. For example movies & summertime.

I am not referring to new summer movies--nor summer blockbusters, but rather movies that to me are just pure summertime. To me, these movies are classics. Truthfully, I am not really a huge movie person, but there are a few summertime movies that just have that summer aesthetic we're all chasing after during these sunscreen scented days.

Inspired by Disney's The Parent Trap 

For example, {not listed} The Sandlot, is a summer classic {to me} not only for the plotline but the movie's soundtrack too.

I get it, summer's short, so, I'll dive into my list of top picked movies that always inspire my summertime vibe.

The Parent Trap {1998} Any movie that famed director, Nancy Meyers directs is a beloved movie to me. There's something so timeless about Annie & Hayley, twins separated at birth finding each other at summer camp & experiencing all the laughs & hiccups as they try to reunite their darling parents.

Aquamarine {2006} Mermaids, summer, & a tale {rather tail} of two BFFs is sheer summer bliss. I watched this all the time growing up {as well as read the book}. What girl wouldn't want to find a mermaid {who loves gummy worms} washed up in her pool & all the magical madness that ensues from there?

It Takes Two {1995} To sum up this movie, my childhood. I can still recall myself giggling in delight as Amanda Lemmon {MaryKate Olsen} & Alyssa Callaway {Ashley Olsen} fleed their old lives & swapped places one fateful summer. Okay, so it is pretty much The Parent Trap, but with the Olsen Twins--a classic never-the-less.

Mamma Mia {2008} Mamma Mia, my summer soundtrack. No, I never get sick of the songs from Abba, Donna's blue-jean overalls, nor the picturesque Greek backdrop. I'll always want to hear that bell ring & still remember everything. 

Top Movie Picks to Vibe with Your Summer Aesthetic 

Something's Gotta Give {2003} I saved the best for last. Every summer, I watch Something's Gotta Give & every summer, I fall in love with Erica Berry's Hampton's beach house, Harry Sanborn's devilish charm & just the whole Nancy Meyer's summer aesthetic.

I also like:

  • Soul Surfer

  • Blue Jasmine

  • Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 

  • Little Itlay 

  • It's Complicated 

  • Andrea 

  • Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again!