Note to Self: Pack This & Travel More Often: Efficient & Easy Travel Essentials

Efficient & Easy Travel Essentials 

Whenever I am packing to go somewhere, I struggle with two things; over packing & under-packing. The thing of it is,  I don't want to show up short handed & risk not having something that I really am going to need.

Then again,  I don't want to have SO many items it becomes a lot to keep tabs on. 

Slowly, I am getting the hang of packing just the right amount--after all, I am a blogger 😊 & bloggers seem to need a lot of stuff, lol. 

On my recent trip to Southwest, FL {as you've been reading these past few posts} I packed some items that made my go-see trip so much easier & efficient.

So much so, that  I wanted to share a few below!

Captiva Island 

1. Packing List by Lonely Planet: Before I left, I say down & made an entire packing list. As I packed, I crossed each item off the list. Needless to say, I didn't forget anything! {Urban Outfitters, $7}

2.  Women's Slip Card Case-Universal Threads: I carried my credit card, driver's license, & business cards inside this slim blush wallet. I liked it because it wasn't bulky & fit nicely inside my sling pack {#4 on list} {Target, $5} 

3. Design Love Fest TSA Bottles Set: I packed all of my bath essentials inside a clear case just like this one. The pre-sized/TSA friendly bottles took all of the guesswork out of what to bring & how much! {Target, $10}

4. Design Love Fest Hip/Sling Pack: This little bag was my companion on all my day excursions! It fit my cellphone {iPhone 8 Plus} slim wallet & hand sanitizer. I wore it on the plane too. Love! 
{Target, $10}

5. Silk Sleepmask: Sleepmasks are essential when sleeping in a hotel. It blocks out any light {I leave the room lights on} as well as lulls you to sleep. I saw that Kim Kardashian brings a silk pillow slip of her own too when she travels--which reduces wrinkles and hair breakage. {Sephora, $50}

6.  Instyler Straight Up Ceramic Brush: I bought this brush on a whim right before leaving & I am SO glad I did! Essentially, it's a brush & flat iron all in one. With one smooth brush, your locks are pretty straight. This brushed saved me time doing my hair & I feel like it's less damage {heat} to your hair--which is good. {Target, $45}

1. Urban Outfitters | 2. Target | 3. Target 4.  Target | 5. Sephora | 6. Instyler/Target |

& My last efficient/easy travel solution would be to roll your clothes. I ironed everything before packing & then neatly rolled inside my suitcase. I was able to fit more inside as well as reduce the number of wrinkles to my garments.


  1. I love all your Captiva photos; they're so beautiful! I'm such an over packer and when I went to Florida last year I brought so many outfits to take photos of ;) I'm (trying to start) cutting down lol! Happy almost Friday
    MEG |

    1. lol I am that way too but I also under pack--so I am trying to perfect the art of packing!