Being a Breakfast Blogger:Breakfast with Bex

Rebecca Doser
Whether you're a blogger, babysitter, banker or whatever you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sadly, with our hectic schedules breakfast takes a backseat to quick granola bars & breakfast burritos--or at least something like that.

However, one savvy college co-ed is changing the breakfast scene. Meet Rebecca Doser-A.K.A. Breakfast with Bex.  Bex is truly transforming the way we eat and see breakfast--instead of breakfast being a fast bite while we're dashing out the door her posts and IG  account make the first meal of the day seem like a gourmet emporium. 

So, we can gather that Bex is BANANAS for breakfast, but who is she & how has she started a blog dedicated to la petit dejeuner

Well, she's just a simple college gal at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY who loves writing, fashion, journalism, volleyball, and yes--breakfast. However, this is not your typical scrabbled eggs meal-but a healthy and perfectly styled breakfast. 

Bex states, " Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! I am a very active person as a volleyball player at St. Lawrence University so fueling up in the morning with carbs, protein, and fruits is important to keep me energized throughout the day." 

The truth is that Bex remains focused by fueling up each morning, but so does her 1,000 + Instagram followers as she shares the most vivid yet delectable food photos on her account

Bex started her IG page back in March of 2014. Her food and her followers have grown in the past months as she continues to encompass her passions for healthy food and witty caption writing. 

In fact, Bex states about her IG content, 
"I have some dedicated followers who cannot wait for the captions just to get their morning laugh in, which really makes me love what I do."

Bex's tongue and cheek IG posts/comments is what tempted her to create her own blog on WordPress. Bex knew Instagram was the ideal place for sharing quick foodie pics, but having her own blog has prompted her to grow as a writer, blogger, photographer, and as a creative spirit. Seriously, check out some of this girl's recipes--her Carrot Cake Oatmeal? Yes, please!

Breakfast with Bex

How can we be a little more like Bex? Well, her go-to recipe ideas are mainly inspired by her mother, Betsy Doser who is a well-known self-made baker in the Doser's hometown of Penfield, NY. Aside from her mother, if Bex had to pick three b-fast ingredients it would consist of eggs, oatmeal, and fruit--nice choices. Why? "I eat all three of these at least every single day."

So, with this breakfast blogger by morning, student/volleyball player by day is Breakfast with Bex down with breakfast for dinner?

"Oh, Bex is down with breakfast any hour of the day! My favorite time is breakfast for dinner! What's not to love?" 

 Check out this breakfast blogger today--she'll turn you into a breakfast believer.

"Everyone has a secret obsession & mine happens to be breaking out of bed
to prepare delicious & healthy  breakfasts!"