A Pretty Look At the Instagram Account: @Feminin_Grace

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Bonjour readers. Any creative, crafty, stylish, and home decorating fanatics can testify that the Internet, blogs, and Pinterest are all hubs for inspiration and motivation.

But stop and think. Instagram also is a mecca for people wanting to share their inventive projects, clever collaborations, and celebrations--the social media giant isn't just a host of endless selfies.


Speaking of Instagram meet the latest IG pioneer, Adwoa Osei or by her Instagram name, @Feminin_Grace.  She is a pediatrician with a knack for photography. This isn't kitty and puppy pictures, but rather artful shots of mostly decadent sweet treats and serene nature shots.

All of which she shares via her IG account. Osei comments on her photography passion, stating, "My IG was born out of needing an avenue to share some of my creative ideas and photography without having to write a long blog post about them."

She continues, saying, "My IG name was born out of how I creatively express myself; feminine, soft, and graceful (in French)."

Captured by Adwoa Osei

Looking at Osei soft and pretty images you can get a sense out of where she draws inspiration from. She herself says, "I get a lot of my inspiration from via the Internet, magazines, poetry, being a woman...Ultimately, most of my creations and projects stem from how I feel and what emotions I want to project through my work and photography."

It's funny that the inspiration is a gift that keeps on giving as @Feminin_Grace keeps sharing her projects along with millions of other people doing the same on Instagram.

So what IG accounts does @Feminin_Grace follow for a little creative pick-me-up?

There are plenty, but she loves: @traveltall, @lasens, and @themagictv for travel inspiration.

 For accounts that are pink, pretty, and pristine: @rachelparcell & @whimsically_detailed to name a few.
As for IG accounts to feed her inner foodie: @frannyskitchen & @breakfastwithbex are two of her popular picks.

The Instagram account  @Feminin_Grace is yet another example of the groundbreaking ways that you can share, edit, and feed your inner passion. For Adwoa Osei, her inner passion being fed is clearly photography.

"I love doing things that bring me such inner joy. #happinessinmysoul" Osei musses.