Favorite Finds to Finding Summer Fun

Favorite Finds to Finding Summer Fun 

Some of the best {summer} memories are made in Crocs...

Whose still in a summer state-of-mind? Me. Me. Me. With summer still being white-hot, I wanted to compose a list of all of my most favorite summer essentials. These are things I look forward to all year round as well as {primarly} enjoy during the summer months.

Let's dive in!

  • Sun-In: Sun-In, the hair lightening spray is my go-to item year after year. I have never dyed my hair, so, it is completely safe for me to use it. It lightens my hair at-least two shades. 

  • Blue Lizard SunScreen: This year, I have opted for an eco-friendly sunscreen & I have found to like Blue Lizard Face SPF 30 to be not only protective but hasn't caused me to breakout. Summer {associated to sunscreens} typically causes my skin on my cheeks & chin to flare up & breakout, but I have been having good luck with this Aussie brand! 

Must-Have Summer Items 

  • Mad-Minis: I love these tiny {healthy-for-you} ice cream sandwiches! They're only like 50-60 calories per cookies & really rather satisfying. 

  • Gym Shorts: High-waisted gym shorts are cool once again. I love wearing them as they are kind of sporty, but kind of posh all at the same time. 

  • Seersucker: There is no other season where you can get away with wearing seersucker. Everyone from babies to well, older people look adorable in seersucker. This year, I have been living in a seersucker Vineyard Vines swimsuit. 

  • Crocs: This is a no-brainer. If you're a blog reader, you know I love Crocs, I wear them day & night.  

  • Disposable Camera/Film Camera: It's really fun to step away from my mirrorless camera & iPhone to move over to using a film camera. The aesthetic of film is so unique & fun. Plus, summer has so many opportunities to snap candid photos. 

You Can Shop a few of my favorite summer essentials below.