Miami on Film: Disposable Camera Challenge

Miami on Film: Disposable Camera Challenge 

When traveling to South Beach Miami, I was inspired by the influencer, Maddy Corbin & her past summer's disposable film camera challenge.

This is where you get one of the old school point & shoot film cameras & hope for the best!

Tips to shooting with a disposable film camera
Gelato Go 

The Stanton Hotel in South Beach Miami
Forte de Marmi right across the street from Stanton 

Here are my thoughts & overall impression on the challenge. 

Fun photos from a trip to South Beach
My favorite film photo--Nancy Meyers film inspired 

First things first, I bought my camera at my Target around $14.00 & it was the Kodak brand. From following Maddy on Instagram, I learned a tip for shooting with a disposable film camera. That tip is, don't get too close to your targeted subject as it will come out blurry.  It's best to step back & shoot.

The second tip that I learned was shooting outdoors in well-lit places equal the best pictures. I mostly shot outdoors & all of those turned out pretty well!

The few photos I took with the Kodak disposable camera indoors came out way too dark.

At first, I was a little self-conscious whipping out a disposable camera, but after a while, I loved it. Photographing with a disposable camera really let me, the photographer, soak-up the moment. It also made me really think about the photo I wanted to take.  I had to see the picture in my mind before I snapped away.

As there is no preview or delete button on these cameras, it reminded me that not everything needs to be 'instant' or gratifying right away.

Since I couldn't work this camera with my tripod, I asked complete strangers to take photos of me in them. There's something about being on a trip & just making the most out of every moment.

Another fun element to photographing with a disposable camera is one you're back home, you get to re-live your trip all over when the negatives get developed.

A disposable camera capture favorite: Miami Beach 

Where to get your disposable camera developed? 

I know most go to CVS or Walgreens & they can both print your film photos as well as add them to a CD or flash drive. However, I used The Dark Room & really loved that process.

I filled out a form & paid to have them mail me a pre-paid envelope to send my camera in. Mere days later, they had already uploaded my photos online where I then downloaded each photo.

I also had a set printed as a souvenir.

Restaurant on Ocean Drive 

Can you edit disposable film photos? 

Pretending I am in a Nancy Meyers' film

The answer is yes. Yes, you can edit your disposable film photos. I edited all of mine in Lightroom & they still have that cool-throwback film quality.

The only question left is, will you take the disposable film challenge?

Life Guard Station 

Sites on a late afternoon stroll 
Blending In...
Snapped from a pontoon boat 

On my way to dinner

Ocean Morning Wave