Casper the Friendly Cookie: DIY Halloween Ghost Sugar Cookie Cutouts

Casper the Friendly Cookie: DIY Halloween Ghost Sugar Cookie Cutouts 

"When black cats prowl & pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween" ~ Unknown.

It's officially Halloween, witches & just in case you're itching for something other than fun-size candies & bubblegum that holds its flavor for precisely two minutes, I got just the thing--little Casper Cookie Cutouts.

Pre-Iced Ghost Sugar Cookies

These ghost sugar cookies were a real breeze to make & relly fun to ice & decorate. I used this plunger cookie cutout which was much easier than the traditional metal cookie cutout.

I used the Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix as well as Pillsbury icing in an icing bag.

For the eyes,  I got a little tube of black glitter gel to add the finishing details. The first day, I baked the cookies & stored them in a sealed container line with baking paper. The next day, I iced & decorated each cookie & re-stored them in my lined container. They stayed fresh for days--so it's safe to make a day out or two for any party you may be having.

In addition to the ghost sugar cutout cookies, I drew pumpkin faces on tangerines for something sweet, but healthy--plus, they just look really cute.

I recommend serving your ghost sugar cookies with some hot chocolate, marshmallows, and or maybe a rootbeer float type of beverage.


I mean, it is Halloween after all!

Happy Halloween & don't forget to follow me on Instagram @ Katelynchef for more holiday ideas.

Basically, move over Martha 😜