Farmhouse Fall: Five Home Design Shows to Stream This Fall

Living in the North East, it's bound to happen eventually, no matter how long you wish to prolong summer, you'll fall down the fall rabbit hole...eventually.

After all, it has already happened to me, a die-hard summer lover who has officially succumbed to the next season--Autumn. Embracing a new season means to embrace a new decor aesthetic. Hit the home refresh button if you will.

Afloral: Artifical Fall Silk Flowers 

If you've read this post, you know I went on a MAJOR decluttering & deep organizing spree this past August. No longer am I into a complete seasonal decor / total seasonal home-decorating method. For one, it doesn't make sense to store seasonal items all year round & two, I am not into over-crowed surfaces & so on. The key discipline I have been practicing {it's hard, at times} is editing.

This doesn't mean I don't decorate, I do! I have just edited what I decorate with. Also, instead of knick-knacks, I try to incorporate rugs, pillows, & bedding into my seasonal decor. This way, one quilt will carry me from now into spring when I go to hit the 'refresh' button once again.

I have to thank a few home decorating-design shows on Netflix & Hulu that really inspired my philosophy.

My TOP {top} pick is Netflix's Stay Here where they transformed everyday Air B & B's into these quaint & down-right beautiful places to stay. I highly recommend not only from a design perspective but from a business perspective too.

Gilmore Girls Coffee & More Coffee Tee 

Five Home-Design Shows to Stream This Fall: 

  • Stay Here {Netflix}
  • Fixer Upper {HULU}
  • Queer Eye {Netflix}
  • Tiny House Nation {Netflix}
  • Vogue's 73 Questions {Amazon Prime} This one deserves an explanation, not a 'home design' show in theory, but the peek into Hollywood's rich & famous spaces is inspiring--even if it is just a peek. 

Farmhouse Fall

& Be sure to tune in next week as I am sharing the seasonal decor I did do this season.

These beautiful fall peonies & hydrangeas are from Afloral {c/o}

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