Here Comes the Easter Bunny Cake

Two cakes can turn into a homemade bunny cake

Here Comes the Easter Bunny Cake 

Whether you are inspired by the cute little bunny outside your kitchen window or Bad Bunny on the radio, you can't deny, bunnies, this time of year are everywhere. 

This particular style of Bunny Cake has been in my family since I can recall. My grandma, Mimi, would make it fr my dad's birthday, & later my mom would make it for my dad's birthday, & now, I make it for my dad's birthday. 

A chocolate and coconut East Bunny Cake Recipe
Chocolate & Coconut Cake Recipe for an Easter Bunny Cake 

Cake Ingredients:

To make this, all you need is one boxed cake mix, icing jar, coconut flakes, jellybeans & two cake pans.



Bake your cake according to the box's instructions in two matching cake pans. After they are baked & cooled, lay them out on a cookie sheet, lined with foil. The one cake is the bunny's head, & remains intact. The second cake is the bunny's ears & bow-tie. To cut the bunny's ears & bow-tie, you slice with a long knife {about 1/3 way into the cake} at a curved angle. The curve or half-moon cut will be going in the ward to the cake. After making the cut, the two curves you cut off the cake's end are the bunny's ears & the center bit is the bow-tie. 

After you have assembled the bunny cake on your lined cookie sheet, you can ice & decorate the cake. I dye the coconut pink with food dye for the bunny's ears & cheeks. Jelly beans make for great ears & a nose. Licorice cut thin, can be used for his whiskers. 

Homemade chocolate Easter bunny cake

Easter Cake Recipe 

Making a bunny cake may seem like a big undertaking, but can be accomplished in one afternoon. Happy Easter & Happy Baking! 

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