{Free} Online Resources to better Your Photography

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{Free} Online Resources to better Your Photography 

When it comes to photography, you can never know enough, practice enough, & continue to educate yourself enough. Perhaps, that is why I enjoy this pastime {okay, lifestyle} as there is always room for growth, improvement, & you can never take the same photo twice. 

To be blunt, photography as a profession or a hobby isn't cheap. After your gear is purchased, there isn't always a massive budget left to buy online classes or in-person learning opportunities. Some of the best photographers are self-taught. 

I myself am self-taught in photography, no way am I claiming to be the best or anything, but a point to the fact, that you can teach yourself photography without paying for courses.  When I first started blogging, writing was the real fuel to my fire, but the requirement for photos to go along with posts is what made me begin to pick up a camera.  

Naturally, over time, my photo composition became better, as well as understanding how to manually operate a camera as well as edit photos that look natural but have a professional pop. Of course, there is always room for improvement, which is the whole point of being a photographer, we're always chasing the next picture. 

Below, see some of my free online resources that have shaped my photography skills today & I think they can add value to your craft as well. 

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Photography Tips 


I credit a huge part of my photography knowledge to Youtube & some of the amazing creators on the platform that share their photography tips. I am a Sony camera shooter {gaining interest in Leica cameras, but TBA} so many of the Youtubers I follow also shoot with Sony cameras. However, below I have a list of creators who share a good blend of photography skills videos, gear reviews, creative point-of-views, & overall educational value in the videos they make. 

Online Reading 

When it comes to photography, I really prefer visual learning, but articles & Journals written by other photographers also shed light on gear, photojournalism, new camera reviews, & other photography-related topics. Below is a list of website journals as well as photographer journals that have shaped my photography style as well as providing educational insight. 

Possibly, the best way to learn is to pick up your camera every day & photograph. Creativity is a muscle & using it often can greatly improve upon your photo skills as well as sharper personal photography style & the type of thing you like to capture with your lens. Best of all, it's free & doesn't require WIFI.

This post is in collaboration with my Photography Journal where I post & write photojournalism stories as well as additional photography content. 

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Free photography online resources 

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Free photography online resources