Easter Baskets For Your Dogs, What to Include

Here is what I fill my dogs' Easter basket with

Easter Baskets For Your Dogs, What to Include 

When it comes to building the perfect Easter basket, you're probably doing so for some bunny special.  However, since our pets are our whole worlds, it isn't uncommon that dog moms & dog dads curate Easter baskets for their pets. 

Inside my dog's Easter Basket I put plush toys
Inside my dogs' Easter Basket 

Here is how I made this brown paper bag Easter Basket
I made the boys' Easter Basket from a brown paper bag

In my life of owning dogs, each one of my dogs has gotten an Easter basket each Easter.  For one thing, they love to find a little basket full of treats to be unwrapped that is just for them. Also, allowing them to have their own basket can lessen the chances they'll go after someone else's basket, although, can't make any promises. 

So, what goes into my dog's Easter Basket? A little bit of everything!

  • Something Soft. I like to include either a plush blanket in the bottom of the basket or a new cozy little shirt for them to nap with later in the day. Etsy is a great outlet for pet clothing. 
  • Something to Play With. Toys are great basket stuffers. My dogs like toys that are plush, squeak, & have a crinkle effect.  I get a lot of their toys at Marshall's & TJ Maxx 
  • Something to Chew. I only buy the dog's ever-lasting chew bones that are made in the USA. I usually include two in here for the dog's Easter basket finds. 
  • Something to Snack On. Lastly, adding a little treat, you can hide it inside a plastic egg, for your pet to eat once they began to open their basket always makes for a fun morning. Certainly, they appreciate it! 

I add some cozy dog shirts inside my dogs' Easter basket
Cozy Dog Shirts 

I arranged my dogs' Easter goodies inside of a brown paper bag I DIY-d. I cut the top of the brown paper bag off & added a bunny face paper plate that I crafted.

Next, I made little bunny name tags with my Cricut Maker. I used ribbon that I got from The Dollar Tree to tie everything together. 

Okay, so do you get your pets their own Easter Basket? If so, what do you put inside their basket? 

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What to include in your dog's Easter basket
Pet-friendly Easter Baskets 

What to include in your dog's Easter basket