Why It's Important to Have a Portfolio

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Why It's Important to Have a Portfolio 

Confession, in a world where we're constantly feeding the algorithm beast {Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, you name it} I feel overwhelmed. So much so, I continue to separate myself from social media & take a few large steps back. 

Stepping back from creating content specially for social media has, I believe, made me a better photographer as I am focusing much more on skills, perspective, composition, etc. & not so much on like-gold. 

However, if I am not posting as much to social, where do I share images? A blog is an old school, but wonderful place to do so. However, if you're in the creative industry, a digital portfolio to house all of your collective works, mine are writing & photography, is an ideal place. 

Truthfully, I don't feel like I got a lot of our college, but I do clearly recall a professor saying how everyone should own their own domaine name. 

This winter, I completed the remodel of mine, katelynchef.com. It's an extension of The Yellow Spectacles in some ways & in others, it's a whole new identity of who I am as a photographer as well as a writer. 

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Benefits to having a portfolio

Below, I am sharing a few ways why having a portfolio is beneficial to you creatively as well as on a business side of things. 

1. You Own It: While everything you post on social media is there today, there are no guarantees that it will be there the next. Investing in your own portfolio/website, means you're investing in yourself & yes, you own it. 

2. Creative Outlet: Social media can burn even the brightest creative flames out. Having a website that you can update at your own pace can curate inspiration for you as well as any prospective viewers. 

3. Gain More Clients: Having a website that not only demonstrates your skills, but prices, packages, & contact information can help you grow your career. 

4. Less Pressure: I believe on your own site, you can be your authentic self. Social media often brings an alter sense of self & reality for many. On your now platform, you're free to be you! 

Not to go too in depth, but a good website should always clearly demonstrate your brand messaging in a organized cohesive style. Including a fun yet professional bio, a clearly labeled contact page, & what your skills are. In essence, all of these traits equate to a functional {& fashionable} website. 

Remember to maintain your website, writing down your domain renewal date as as well as doing a once or twice a year audit of your site to make sure all of your content/information is current helps with prospective clients as well as upholding a professional appearance. 

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