DIY Daisy Cake


homemade daisy cake

DIY Daisy Cake

This time of year, as we're on the cusp of springtime, I do my best to incorporate as well as create celebratory & festive blog posts for two reasons.  Reason number one, spring {next to summer} is my favorite time of year, truly, this is the most wonderful time of the year. Reason number two, I have always been glad that my birthday falls during this time. Growing up, I can remember many rainy birthdays spent celebrating inside of the garage, but I also recall visiting flower gardens as well as marveling at all of the new spring greenery sprouting in my own backyard. 

Daisy iced birthday cake

That's the thing with spring, she kind of has a mind of her own, & that's why I love her so much! In response to my love for spring as well as creating more celebratory posts, I DIY-d a Daisy Cake. I actually made this for my grandma's 88th birthday which was in march. 

The concept inspired by Pinterest photos was pretty simple to execute. I used a boxed cake mix & icing in a jar. I made the daisies with icing pens. Really, as flowers went on, it got easier. Clearly, it's a very 'homemade' looking cake, but I personally like a bit of homemade whimsy. 

I do have one boxed cake hack, I substitute the eggs with egg beaters according to the measurements & it makes the cake super moist & fluffy. 

painted rosè bottle

homemade pink strawberry birthday cake
White cake with strawberry icing 

If you have a spring birthday coming up, Happy Birthday! If not, well, Happy Spring! 

homemade spring flower cake

Grandma with her cake 

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pink birthday cake for girls

homemade daisy iced birthday cake