Embrace Your Quirks, Birthday Wisdom

Embrace Your Quirks, Birthday Wisdom 

Another year, another year older, & hopefully another year {a little} wiser. The concept of time becomes more & more present with age, & with the pandemic, time has surely has been on everyone's mind. 

I know I have wasted time, worrying about stupid little things, that really in the grand scheme of things don't amount to anything. Instagram likes, fitting in, friend requests, & unsent emails are just a few. As my birthday nears, I wanted to write a little note to anyone struggling with time & finding their place in time. 

Are you moving fast enough? Are you growing too slowly? Are you spending too much time dwelling on things that are frivolous? If you answered yes or aren't sure, I've been there or maybe I am still there.

Over the course of this past year, I learned that there is no time like now to embrace who you are & make the most out of the present. Don't waste time wondering if you're good enough, use what you got & make opportunities happen.  Right now, you are where you need to be. Tomorrow doesn't have to be another obligation to get up & start another day, it's a chance to embrace you, your quirks, your good ideas, & your optimism to start fresh & make the most out of the time you have left. You are something to celebrate! 

I have to remind myself of this too. 

Birthday Outfit & Painted Clogs 

Wood clogs from Lotta from Stockholm
Lotta from Stockholm Clogs 

My favorite clogs, Lotta from Stockholm Clgs

In spite of quarantine, I reunited with my crafty self. I decided to paint an old pair of Lotta from Stockholm Swedish Wood Clogs & I think they turned out pretty cute. I used thick acrylic paint & plan not to wear these anytime rain is in the forecast. The painting process was freehanded & the shoes were dry within hours, however, I let them sit overnight to be safe. 

I painted my Lotta from Stockholm Clogs
Painted Wooden Clogs

My favorite overalls for spring
Spring Overalls 

My overalls, which come in very handy for content creation, are from Tillys. Just to be festive, I added a Birthday crown to my favorite San Diego Hat Company crochet sunhat. 

My favorite crochet sunhat from San Diego hat compmany

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Paint your clogs with paint for spring