Spring Crafting: DIY Pink Ceramic Flower Market Truck

Spring Crafting: DIY Pink Ceramic Market Truck 

If you are a blogger, avid shopper, or home decor enthusiast {or all three like myself} you have seen the red truck. 

You know, the red truck that appears in every variation come the holidays inside retailer ranging from Target to Dollar General. If you are like me, you're not so amused seeing the same red holiday truck year after year. 

Here's the thing, color can have a big impact. Retailers have caught on, some are sick of the red Christmas truck, so let's make a fall variation as well as a spring. 

I purchased this pink ceramic truck from Hobby Lobby this past Valentine's Day season {which has been out of stock online}. I noticed Hobby Lobby already has a light blue ceramic truck in their Spring Section, but I am sure you can find ceramic trucks from crafts stores & Amazon too in order to make this DIY Pink Ceramic Spring Truck. 

I wanted to turn the same-old-same-old into something no one else would have. So, I embellished the pink ceramic truck with fun embellishments that are sold at every craft store.

All of the props for this springtime craft came from Hobby Lobby

Spring Crafting, pink ceramic flower truck diy
DIY Pink Hobby Lobby Truck/Stuff back of the truck with paper to raise the flowers when adhereing  

To Make the Pink Ceramic Flower Market Truck You'll Need:

A Ceramic Truck

Embellishments {buttons, gems, faux flowers}

Tissue Paper or Styrofoam 

Hot Glue

DIY Pink Ceramic Flower Truck

Embellish the truck with spring buttons, gems, & flowers 

Embellishing Ceramic Trucks
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After wiping & drying your ceramic truck off, it is time to start embellishing! The daisies I added first to the pink truck was actually buttons. I clipped off the buttonholes & glued an odd number to the truck with hot glue.

Next, I stuffed the truck bed with tissue paper. This would assist me later on when I add the flowers to the back of the truck--it gives it a little lift. I made sure the tissue paper was tight & firmly stuffed in the back of the truck.

Then, I hot-glued the flowers on the back of the truck. The goal was to make the flowers look like they were raised & slightly coming out of the truck bed. 

Lastly, I added little gems to the back of the truck & the word 'Market' on the back of the truck's bed. 

There is not a right nor wrong way to DIY your own springtime ceramic truck. There are SO many ceramic, pink trucks, red trucks, green trucks out there that we can use some variety! 

Last spring, I saved & pressed SO many flowers, if you are surrounded by spring blooms, maybe this is a project you'd like to try! 

Flower Pink Truck Craft 

Happy springtime & happy crafting!

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