Vaccinated! My Experience Getting the COVID Vaccine

Vaccinated! My Experience Getting the COVID Vaccine 

As Americans, we aren't used to being told we can't do anything. After all, this is the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, Americans, you can be anything you want. 

Flash forward to 2020, Americans, you can't go into a store without a face covering. Americans, you can't visit extended friends, family, & significant others. Americans, you can't dine out, catch a matinee, or board a plane.  Can't. Not a fun word. 

My COVID Vaccine Experience
I got the Moderna Vaccine 

However, there is one thing we all can do to make those can'ts turn into cans. That would be getting vaccinated. However big or small a platform someone has, them sharing their experiences can help others when making thoughtful decisions, such as getting the COVID-19 Vaccine. 

In this post, I want to share my experience getting the COVID-19 Vaccine, and my philosophy that getting vaccinated is still the best approach to getting back to life & saying, Oh, yes, I can!

Friday, April 23rd, I received my second COVID-19 Vaccine at a local doctor's office. 

Taken right after my second vaccine 

What Shot Did I Get?

  • I got the two-part Moderna Vaccine. Prior to booking my appointment, I was probably going to get the J&J Shot, thankfully, I did not. The way things are, I would only feel truly comfortable getting the Moderna or Pfsier vaccines.  
How Did You Schedule the Vaccine?
  • I listen to the local news, they have hotlines where mass vaccines are going to be given out, I made my appointment via phone. the website, Plan Your Vaccine can give you information about the COVID-19 Vaccines as well as how you can book your own vaccine appointment. 
What Side Effects Did You Have?
  • Be aware, some of this may be a little TMI, but the most obvious side effect I felt from both shots was an extremely sore arm. I get yearly flu shots, but this pain was 100 times worse. Both shots left me feeling fatigued for about 36 hours. In the first shot, I {TMI Alert} experienced constipation, like bad as well as an extremely painful menstrual cycle. So, not too fun.  After my first shot, I had a really short timeframe where I kept smelling fish. My mom experienced this with her Pfsier shot smelling tobacco & my dad did so smelling mildew. 
Am I Immune?
  • I am not a doctor or scientist, but none of the shots, as I know it are 100 percent effective, similar to the flu shot. However, getting vaccinated decreases your risk of dying from COVID or being hospitalized. It takes about two full weeks from the day you get your last shot to have the vaccine take its full effect.  
Why Did You Get the Shot?
  • I got my shot for many reasons. One reason is the less selfish, thinking of getting vaccinated as my civic duty, much like voting. The other reason for getting the COVID shot is more selfish, I want to live again, I don't want to wear a mask forever, & traveling, traveling would be nice! 

Again, this post is my personal experience getting the Moderna Vaccine. For more information about getting vaccinated visit here as well as the CDCs After Vaccination Health Checker

You can follow me on Instagram @Katelynchef & am happy to answer any other questions. 

Personal COVID Vaccine Experience

I got the Moderna Shot