Stand Out in the Sky! Drone Decals: Are They Worth It?

 Drone Decals: Are They Worth It? 

Like any content creator, I like to keep my gear protected & looking like new. Let's face it, photography & videography gear is expensive!

Naturally, I wanted a protective case/sleeve for my DJI Spark Drone when I bought it. However, putting a case of silicon case on my DJI Spark {or any drone} would interfere with the drone's sensor & flying mechanisms. 

Hmph...No case! The next best thing, I found these drone decals for all DJI Drones on Amazon & Etsy. They can make your 'typical' drone stand out in the sky & they look really cool. I also thought decals for drones would also offer some protection to the appearance of my drone. 

So, are decals for your drone worth it? I bought my first decal for my Spark & remote controller from Etsy. It was a pearl white 3M wrap. First, it looked really cool online, but once I put the wrap on my drone, I hated it. It made it look really cheap. Plus, decals for drones are extremely hard to put on--really tedious work. 

Are decals for your drone worth it?

Drone Skins 

I ended up taking off the decal on my Spark but left the white pearl decal on my controller.  I decided to skip the whole decal for my drone as I didn't like the way it cheapened my drone's look. It could have been just that particular decal, but who knows. I ended up getting a gold racing stripe sticker from an Etsy shop & love it. It reminds me of a Mini Cooper stripe. What I like about this drone decal is that it came with numbered stickers to place on your drone batteries. This way, you are not mixing up your batteries when flying--which is charged, which battery isn't charged, & so on. 

In the end, are decals for your drone worth it? I think it's up to the flyer. Personally, I like a cool racing stripe or maybe a neat shark face. However, if you have the patience, a drone decal can completely set your drone apart from everyone else's' drone. 

Where to buy decals and stickers for your DJI Spark Drone
Drone Racing Stripe 

Below, I have a variety of drone decals & stickers for your drone in the shopping link below!

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Where to Buy Drone Decals


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