Head to the Desert: Five Fun Coachella Facts

Head to the Desert: Five Fun Coachella Facts 

Coachella. To many, it is a dream-like destination we have only seen through our phone screens. Coachella, the playground of Instagram's elite, the young, rich, famous, & photogenic.  Coachella is ever-so-much a scene as it is a place.

Dramatic? Just a little, but so is Coachella. Personally, I have never been to the actual music festival that is Coachella, but I was just in Coachella, California {before the arrival of the giant Farris Wheel} & I have to say, it was a little surprised at what Coachella {typically} looks like!

With this year's music festival season just about to begin, I thought it'd be fun to share Five Fun Facts About Coachella, California. You know, just in case you're desert bound!

Fun facts about the music festival called Coachella
Coachella Fun Facts 

1. Small Town Charm: Coachella is a chill-small little community. According to Buzznick.com, Coachella has on 40,000 residence. If you drive through Coachella Valley you'll get this 'small town' vibe.

2. The World's Date Mecca: If you follow me here & on Instagram {@katelynchef} you'll know I love dates! According to the Desert Sun, Coachella, California is the date {fruit} capital of the world--they produce over 90%. Dates grow on palms & the health benefits of eating dates are as massive as they are sweet. Just for starters, dates are great for people with diabetes as they help stabilize blood pressure, they are also rich in antioxidants. Not-to-mention, dates are really sweet & make for a great candy-alternative for those with a sweet tooth.
Up until this past December, I had no idea dates grew on palm trees!

3. Little Shell: Coachella {or 'Chella if you're cool} actually means, 'little shell.' Yup, according to Merriam Webster, many misspelled Coachella's actual Spanish-heritage name, Conchilla. Apparently, Coachella Valley's soil was plentiful in little white snail shells. Luckily, today, shells are very trendy when it comes to fashion-accessories, so if you find one, feel free to DIY a very-on-trend anklet of a choker-necklace.

4. A 90's Baby: The very first Coachella was on October 9th, 1999 & tickets were as cheap as $50.00.  To quote Cher from Cluess, "That's so Bugging."

5. That's Bananas: If you're bananas for bananas, then you're luckier than a sea monkey's uncle as Coachella Valley is home to the International Banana Museum.  There is even a 'banana bar' which serves banana splits as well as banana shakes! Sounds like something Betty, Jughead, Veronica, & Archie would be {very} into.

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Bonus facts, this year more than ever, Coachella is making major sustainable efforts to help save & restore Mother Earth. For example, they will no longer be selling single-use disposable water bottles on the festival premise! You can discover more of Coachella's sustainable solutions here.

For all of this year's cool Coachella details, visit the Coachella website.

Fun Coachella Music Festival Facts
Coachella Music Festival Facts 

Coachella Fun Facts