Spring Color Trends

spring trends

Spring Color Trends

I see you, trying to be all coy, casual & chill, hoping spring won't notice your desperation for her attention. 

After all, I get the desperate feeling of hoping spring will swing by earlier than anticipated. That she'll kick winter to the curb & embrace us all with sunshine, blooms, & chirping birds. It has been a long winter of icy sidewalks, falls to the mailbox, social distancing indoors, & snowfall after snowfall. 

In any other circumstance, I'd say, desperate isn't a good look, but when it comes to spring, I get it. The beauty that comes with spring also comes with the chance to start fresh & hit refresh with new colors. 

Target's A New Day Sweatsuit Set 

spring color trends

This spring, I have been {SO} inspired by light pastel purples & celery greens. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll already know this! In fact, Green Ash, a pastel green is one of Pantone's spring 2021 colors. 

Okay, but when it comes to spring colors & fashion trends, what's in? Personally, casual looks that come in a set {whether worn together or seperate} that are comfy yet stylish reign supreme this season. 

Think of the spring style trends as easy-breezy with a light punch of pastel hues. For example, Emma Chamberlain's recent collaboration with Pacsun is a Cali-girl at heart, tie-dye lover's closet dream come true. 

In a recent article appearing on WHO WHAT WEAR, the vibrant {& playful} hue, Bubblegum Pink is a spring trend worth trying. It only makes sense that fun & punchy colors are popping into our wardrobes as we all could use an extra dose of happiness in our day-to-day. 

Spring Shoe Trends
Spring Shoes? Rose Gold Crocs! 

While fuzzy house slippers have gone runway chic this season {another spring fashion trend}, I say, you can never go wrong with a classic clog. I love these rose gold Crocs, featured in the images. Adding an Avocado charm gives a nod to another spring style trend, expressing your creativity through DIY-ing your clothing as well as extra accessorizing. 

Spring Color Trends
Spring Style Report 

Matching Sweat Sets
Matching Sweat Sets 

No matter how we're all feeling about spring, whether she decides to cooperate weatherwise, we can at least all be on the same style page, bring on the colors! You can shop my spring style selection down below. 

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spring colors

Spring Color Trends

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