My Favorite Things: Birthday Edition!

White cupcake with rainbow sprinkles

My Favorite Things: Birthday Edition!

I can still recall one of Oprah's last shows, ending Oprah her talk show run, she gave away the latest & last make a model of the Volkswagen Beetle to everyone in the audience. Like, wow, what a surprise! 

It's no surprise that I love Volkswagen Beetles. After all, who doesn't? What I love most is this time of year, everything is in bloom, green, & we're on the cusp of pool weather.  

Birthdays come & go, & I am treating it as any other day. This year, I wanted to curate a blog post highlighting a few things that bring me joy--a Birthday Favorite Things roundup, if you will. 

Muscle Milk Vanilla Protein Drink
Birthday Favorite Things, Links Below 

1. Muscle Milk {Vanilla}: One of my favorite morning breakfasts is blending a protein shake with a 1/2 frozen banana, chia seeds, & flax seeds for a creamy morning smoothie. It tastes just like ice cream! Currently, I am loving the Muscle Milk brand in either Vanilla or Chocolate. Although, the Strawberry Muscle Milk protein drink is delicious too!

2. Kodak Film Camera {Vintage}: A really good Etsy find {$25!} was this unopen Kodak Easy Load film camera! If you are interested in film photography, I suggest starting out with a point-&-shoot film camera. I love this one as it is easy to load & the film unwinds/rewinds itself. Etsy, eBay, & Moment are good places to look for point-&-shoot film cameras. 

3. 24" iMac® with Retina 4.5K display - Apple M1 - 8GB Memory - 512GB SSD - w/Touch ID (Latest Model) - Green: I know, this purchase is kind of like buying a Beetle, it's a BIG Buy! However, if you're creative or work relies heavily on your computer, you need the new iMacs with the Apple M1 processor. Originally, I was leaning toward the purple color, however, I went with the green. I love it--it's timely yet timeless & happy with the speed when doing all of my photo editings. 

Small white birthday cake
Birthday Cake 

4. Slip Sleep Mask {Pink}: Personally, I know we're all sick of wearing masks, but this mask is different. Switching to a silk eye mask, the Slip mask is made from the highest quality Mulberry silk, is so dreamy to slip over your eyes to fall fast asleep. Add a little lavender room spray prior to slipping it on & you'll be sweat talking Mr. Sand Man in no time. 

5. Bath & Body Work Pink Travel Toiletry Travel Bag: I think this little pink toiletry bag is so demure & cute. I like keeping products inside my linen closet in here to keep the dust-out & keep things looking tidy. 

6. NoCow Birthday Cake Protein Bars: If you read this blog post, you'll know that NoCow is one of my favorite protein bar brands. Their Birthday Cake protein bars are so fun to eat as they even have little sprinkles inside! Made from clean plant-based protein {21g}, they're dairy-free, vegan, & low in added sugar {1g}. 

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Birthday Favorites

Happy Birthday