Bake a Barbie Cake on a Budget

Pink Icing Barbie Cake

Bake a Barbie Cake on a Budget

I can't exactly remember the elementary school year, but it was Laura A's Birthday party. She was the spoiled poster girl of divorce. Her mother made sure Laura was always the center of attention. Everything from her custom-made Minnie Mouse Halloween costume {& late entrance} to her next-day Olive Garden breadsticks inside her lunchbox. 

Laura's birthday parties were no different. Don't kid me, I was happy to be invited, however, when the sparkling-flame-lit Barbie Cake came out, right before "Happy Birthday" was sung from our young lips, I was a little envious. 

Barbie Cake Doll Pick
Barbie Cake Doll Pick 

Wilton Wonder Cake Mold
Wilton Wonder Cake Mold 

From that point on, I always wanted a Barbie cake. After all, if anyone was the poster-child for Barbie, it was me. She was my very-best friend{s} growing up. Today, she is still a great source of inspiration. 

Inspired by Christina Tosi, founder of Milk Bar, book, Desserts Can Save the World, were she shares, we shouldn't wait for a special occasion to bake a cake, we should just bake a cake! Of course, there is a deeper meaning, not always savoring 'special' things for special occasions, but we should live life to the fullest each day, as it is our last. 

Anyways, that book as well as my quest for a Barbie cake like Laura A's leads me back to this post. 

I ended up baking this cake for my grandma's 89th birthday & she loved it!

How to bake a Barbie Cake

Pink Doll Strawberry Birthday Cake
Strawberry Barbie Doll Cake 

I know Barbie cakes can be expensive & found this specific kit for $12.00 online at Micheal's {Wilton Wonder Mold Pan}. I did some preliminary Barbie cake baking research & found the cake models for Barbie's 'gown' only bake well if there is a metal-like down rod in the center. Some cake pan molds don't have that rod, & the reviews shared that the cake did not bake evenly. 

I didn't have any issues with uneven cake baking. 

Pink Barbie Birthday Cake
Barbie Birthday Cake 

Barbie Cake Decorations
Barbie Cake decorations, use your own to save money 

This kit included the Barbie cake mold as well as the doll insert. See the below for baking a Barbie cake on a budget. 

  • Buy a Barbie Cake Set: Instead of buying everything separately, if you can find a Barbie cake pan that comes in kit, including the doll pick, this can save you some money.
  • Use a Cake Mix: No judging with people who use cake mixes! I find using a mix is cost-effective. Also, when baking a Barbie cake for the first time, it's a little daunting. Using a cake mix takes some of the heat off & you can spend more creative time in the kitchen decorating your cake opposed to baking it. 
  • Use Your Own Barbie Accessories to Decorate: Chances are, if you're wanting to bake a Barbie cake, you already have Barbie stuff at home. Use your own Barbie clothes & accessories for the cake's decorations, opposed to buying new stuff. 
Birthday Doll Cake
These balloons were from my 1st Birthday Cake!

pink strawberry icing

Finally, with this being a fun-celebratory post, Happy Birthday to all my fellow Tauruses. 

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Girl's Happy Birthday Cake
Bake a Barbie Cake on a Budget 

Pink Doll Cake