Finding Closure When Darkness Moves Away

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Finding Closure When Darkness Moves Away 

Throughout life, there are many paths, all beginning & ending with a door. You know, the start of a journey & eventually, the end of one. While some paths are more pleasant than others, it's usually the rougher roads that make us or sadly break us. 

In any series of unfortunate life events, closure is something we all seek out to quickly close that trouble door & walk through a new promising threshold. The problem with closure is that we want it to be instant. However, one particular life journey, beginning with a vicious dog attack has taught me that closure is not instant nor is it a given. 

Seeking closure is very much a journey within itself. Luckily, I am nearing the end of that quest as for myself & parts of my family, our closure is a recent 'sold' sign. Thankfully, I saw it with my own eyes, right over the property-lined hedge.  

For so long, almost three years, the haunting feelings of darkness, anger, & fear have been lingering between one property line. 

Do you recall this post, where I shared tips for anyone who may find themselves {one day} in a situation where they're being attacked by a dog? In this situation, it was a more wolf-than dog as a family member was ravaged. Not only physically but mentally. For three long years after, the reminder of that dark day lived, breathed, & glared between property lines. There wasn't any way to close that door. God only knows I wanted to barricade it. 

With darkness so close, the hope for closure wasn't promising. It was bleak. Living so close to darkness, not being able to heal, move on, or find solace in your own dwelling takes its toll. Constantly, you find yourself looking over your shoulder, avoiding parts of your everyday routine, routes, & habits. All because the darkness that dwells so close is almost consuming. There isn't a light that could break through the blackness. 

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Finding Closure at the End of a Tiring Journey 

However, a bright spot, a beacon light appears in the funniest of avenues. In this case, the hope of escaping the dark was a nearby 'sold' sign. 

Throughout this rocky journey of darkness, living in fear & anger I learned that closure isn't something everyone finds at the end of a particular pathway. Sometimes, a door has to close for the sake of closing that door. Not only for the sake of moving on but mending your broken spirit & straightening your twisted attitude. 

With all of the recent life sorrows & heart-breaking worldly incidents, closure isn't always a given. However, when we have the opportunity to discover closure, no matter how much we have to fight our way through the dark, just know that when we do grasp closure, know it is a gift.

Healing takes time & at the end of this particular story, the door closes with a 'sold' sign.  

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yellow daffodils
Finding Closure 

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