Inside An Avid Swimmer's Pool Bag


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Inside An Avid Swimmer's Pool Bag 

Ah, summer. You can already smell the faint scent of sunscreen drifting through the light breeze. The sound of alarm clocks being silenced. As well as the not-so-faint sounds of bodies making their way from the sides of the pool into its watery oasis. In other words, summer, welcome back! 

On the contrary to what it looks like on others' Instagram feeds, I spend more time in the pool than lounging outside it. I enjoy lapping down the Olympic size lap lane as well as bobbing to & from the water's surface. 

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If this sounds like you too, here is what I carry inside my pool bag. 

1. Silicone Putty Ear Plugs: At times, water gets into your ears while floating about. Silicone earplugs can help that from not happening. Personally, my ears are small, so, I opt for the kids' size as well as the bright color makes it easier to spot in the water if they fall out. 

2. Hyland's Ear Ache Drops: Keeping on the topic of ears, I do get the occasional earache from water in my ears. While you should consult with your healthcare provider first, I personally use Hyland's Ear Ache drops which help with the swimmer's ear. 

3.  Dive Mask: I like wearing Dive Masks in the pool! It looks cool {duh} & two, less water gets into the mask as well as keeps water out of your nose. 

4. Dolfin Solid DBX Basic Back Swimsuit: If you're an active swimmer or someone who wants style yet performance with your suits, I love my red Dolfin one-piece. It holds everything in, plus, looks very Bay Watch. Pro-tip, it runs small, so size up one to three sizes. 

5. GoPro Shorty Mini Extension Pole Tripod: I take the majority of my horizontal underwater images with the GoPro Shorty Tripod. 

6. Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo: At only $2.00 this is the most important item in my swimmer's pool bag. As simple as the Suave brand is, I trust this shampoo to rinse the chlorine out of my hair at the end of the pool day. At times, I even add it to my hair before swimming to keep my hair healthy. This really was a game-changer for my hair last summer!

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What's in my pool bag 

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