Strawberry Shortcake with a Twist

Strawberry Shortcake with a Twist 

I hope you're reading this, hungry for the experience of slipping into your outdoor clogs, placing your wide brim hat atop of your head, & hitting the strawberry fields to pick a few summery quarts. 

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Strawberry biscuits 

Summertime, primarily, June is strawberry season. If you love homemade strawberry jam {who doesn't} you probably love homemade strawberry shortcake? Oh baby, now we're blogging. 

Except, between picking strawberries, hauling/cleaning them, & life, who has time to make a shortcake from scratch? If you do, God bless you, but here's a quick way to still have {techincally} homemade shortcake while saving some time in the kitchen. Preach sister! 

Okay, this strawberry shortcake hack works with any of the store-bought roll packages found in your grocer's dairy aisle {usually right by the butter & eggs}.  While a strawberry shortcake biscuits is best bigger {to the top with more berries n' cream} you can opt for low fat crescent rolls or smaller bake at home biscuits.

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easy strawberry shortcake recipe
Easy Strawberry Shortcake Recipe 

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  • Open & place biscuits on a cookie sheet,  sprinkle a combination of cinnamon & sugar a top of the biscuit. 
  • Bake as stated on the roll instructions. 
  • Dip warm biscuits in a little bit of your favorite butter {we use plant-based butter} & set biscuits on individual plates
  • Top biscuits with fresh berries & cool-whip
  • Serve warm!

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Pick your own strawberries!

That's it. This strawberry shortcake biscuit recipe is easy, right? Definitely! 

If you're not a strawberry shortcake type of gal or guy, this homemade strawberry glaze pie might be your new favorite thing to try.  Enjoy & savor every bite of summer. 

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