Summer Solstice Craft Ideas

shells made from air dry clay

Summer Solstice Craft Ideas 

Summer Solstice, aka the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, falls on Tuesday, June 21st, 2022. 

I think both the Summer & Winter Solstice are magical days where it seems like something magical could happen, if you have the right spell or realistically, a vivid imagination. 

You may recall my Winter Solstice craft blog post a while back? Well, it's time the Summer Solstice gets her own craft post-round-up. 

Air Dry Clay Craft Projects

Seashells made from Crayola Clay
Summertime Air Dry Clay Ideas 

Summer is the perfect time to go outdoors, and craft with nature &/or dig into your recycling bin & see what you can repurpose there.  If you are looking for some crafty ideas to make this summer, take a look at my curated Summer Solstice Crafts below, & let me know if any inspire you to make. 

1. Mermaid Popsicle Sticks via The Yellow Spectacles 

2. Sand Dollar Mirror via Martha Stewart 

3. Clay Daisy Container via Actíva 

4. Seashell Soap Dish via Martha Stewart 

5. Phone Charms via Kenna Marie 

6. DIY Seashell Bracelet via iUlia 

7. Seashell Painting via Rubin Ruiz Fine Arts 

& If you're curious as to my DIY featured in this post, these clay seashells are actually made from Crayola's Air Dry Clay which I rolled out & then cut out with small shell & mermaid shape cookie cutters. 

Adult Summertime Crafts
Air Dry Clay Mermaid Crafts 

Prior to airdrying, I punched a hole {with the bottom part of a paint brush} if I wanted to hang the shells & tail. I ended up, hanging the tail & placing the shells under a glass cloche. 

I painted the shells with craft paint {from Target} colors called Sea Foam & Sand Dune.

chic adult summertime crafts for your home
Summertime crafts that dual as home decor 

It's a really simple summertime craft, but so cute & pretty chic!

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adult summer solstice crafts

adult summertime clay crafts