Share the Sweetness: Best Ever Fresh Strawberry Glaze Pie

Share the Sweetness: Best Ever Fresh Strawberry Glaze Pie 

In tough times, a little summertime sweetness can go a long way. After all, they don't call this month, 'Sweet July' for nothing.

As these days, everything feels everything but normal. I catch myself thinking back on summer's pasts wondering, were those the good times? Will there ever be good times again? As a practicing optimist, I have to believe so.

One thing I do believe is in the power of putting good in & feeling {as well as progecting} good out.

This week good comes in the formation of a fresh glazed strawberry graham cracker pie. It's homemade, fresh, healthy-yet sweet, & can be made with local strawberries grown in your area.

Fresh Strawberry Glaze Pie 

Before I dive into the ingredients {there is very few}, I am realizing more & more the impact of eating locally & seasonally. While strawberries may not be in season all year long, this easy glaze pie can also be made in other berry flavors such as blueberry, cherry, & so on.

Before you get into the pie filling, you can go about the crust two ways. One way, you can buy a pre-made graham cracker crust {such as this one}. OR you can bake your own. Baking your own crust is very easy. I use Joanna Gain's recipe found inside her 2nd Magnolia Table Cookbook.

Graham cracker pie crust recipe found in Magnolia Table Vol. 2 

Fresh strawberries for pie filling 

However, I am sure Pinterest has many graham cracker pie crusts too.

For the pie filling--it's so easy!

Strawberry Glaze 

Wash & slice one quart of strawberries & strain to dry. Slice berries evenly & thinly, pour in glass bowl & add your glaze.

I use a sugar-free glaze, but the full-sugar version works well too, it is up to your preference.

After the glaze & berries are mixed & the bowl is poured & spread into the cooled graham cracker pan, refrigerate the pie for an hour or two before serving as it tastes best chilled.

Of course, this pie works well with a healthy dollop of whip-cream upon slicing.

This summertime strawberry glaze pie is a very refreshing & satisfying treat. Whether you are making one for yourself, an upcoming picnic, or to spread a little sweetness to others, it's a winner for sure.

Polaroid of Mimmi with a baked Apple Pie 1988


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