Favorite Protein & Power Bars

RX Mini Bars

Favorite Protein & Power Bars 

Many like to re-set & renew whenever the New Year is born. Personally, I strive to stay in the healthy lane no matter the state of the New Year or Old Year phase. 

Actually, I try to eat very clean & stay away from foods that come in a box. However, for lunch, I always have some type of protein bar & my quests to find healthy, clean, & for the most part, plant-based protein bars have paid off. There are a few protein bars that I love & rotate eating.

Gut Healthy Dalci Brownie
Dalci Brownie 'Blondie' 

Below, I want to share with you some healthy bars I love & have tried. If you've tried or want to, I'd be happy to swap what flavors are my favorites. Pro-tip, I keep all my bars in the freezer. I feel like they stay fresh & are sort of like a frozen treat when eating. =) 

1. Think Protein Bars: Summer 2021, I found Think Protein Bars { the 150 calorie bars} & really love them! The Pumpkin Spice Think Protein Bar is really good! I also like the Cupcake Batter Protein Bar.

2. Sakara Metabolism Bar: If you wanna feel like Kendal Jenner, eat these. I have no idea If she eats these Sakara Bars, but damn, they feel very super model-esque. I adore the chocolate with a hint of sea salt taste in these bars. Mind you, they're a splurge, but damn, so good! These bars are plant-based. 

3. Dalci: Technically, these are brownies, not bars, but in a variety of flavors, like a 'Blondie' these healthy brownies have simple ingredients that support gut health as well as gluten-free & Non-GMO. If you're looking for a sweet treat with health benefits, I personally like the Daci Apple Spice Brownie {bar}. 

4. No Cow: No Cow has quickly become my go-to-bar addiction. Yes, they're plant-based protein bars, but these taste so tasty & one bar, really keeps me full until dinner. I love the Birthday Cake No Cow Bar as well as Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Now Cow Bar. 

Additional bars I like, Target's mini-date {Mini Bar} bars are pretty tasty as well as RX Bar Mini Chocolate Sea Salt & Blueberry bars. Again, keeping these in the freezer makes protein bars taste 10 times better! 

NO Cow Protein Bar
No Cow Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bar 

No Cow Protein Bar
Healthy Protein Bars 

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  1. Oooh the No Cow ones seem so good -- I'll have to try them! I'm a sucker for a good bar but it's so hard to find low-sugar, high-protein ones without whey (dairy)... so thanks for the recs! :) Hope all is well!