Annual Holiday Poem: Ask For More Memories

Glitzy Holiday Style

Annual Holiday Poem: Ask For More Memories 

This year, as we're burdened with the hype of the shortages of everything from turkeys to toys, let's ask ourselves, what do we really want this holiday season? What should we ask for? 

I hate to burst the media's bubble, but what we're all looking for consciously and subconsciously is more time, more memories, more moments. Those things simply can't be found on stalled barges & locked shipping containers. 

While some still traveled this year, many like myself stuck close to home DIY-ing memories of sorts. Yes, making the most out of where you're at is a great art to master, but this season, I am writing my list, making my wishes to enter a new year with new places, faces, & experiences. While the wrapping paper is recyclable, gifts can be exchanged, our memories made throughout the years cannot.

purple sequin women's dress
Glittery Holiday Dress

Women's glitter boots
Sequin Boots for Holiday Sizzle 

 Let's ask Santa for more moments--the good ones along with the bad ones. 

If you will now join me for my annual The Christmas Spectacles Holiday Poem. I wish you a season of joy & merry, even if you have to make your own. 

woman running
Be the light this Season 

Happy Holidays--Katelyn xoxo. 

The Christmas Spectacles
By: Katelyn Chef 

One Christmas Eve
There was a girl who no longer believed

The light that once shined bright
Fizzled out in her plain sight.

Warm memories faded
Her creative spirit turned jaded.

Walking out to sit under the evening sky
She looked above to ponder the reason why.

Something moved to her right
Squinting, she couldn't make the figure out with all her eyes' might.

Finally, as he drew near,
His image became more clear.

"For it's Christmas Eve," said the man
"& It's an important time for those who give not wanting to receive."

He was clothed in burgundy silk
With a beard as white as milk.

"It's important to carry the creative light,
"For I know you used to write.
Christmas is a time for retrieving 
A bit of has been lost."

He handed the girl a tiny box
It was wrapped in golden cornstalks. 

Gently, untying the delicate string
She finally saw something.

In the box, rested a pair of glasses
Wonderful to the masses.

They were lovely & yellow
Suddenly she felt inspired & mellow.

Slipping the spectacles on
Her imagination lit up like the break of dawn.

He had given her back her lost light
The spectacular spectacles were her new creative sight.

Christmas Poem of Hope

Christmas Wrapping Paper