The Chef's Cookie Plate: Christmas Cookie Favorites

The Chef's Cookie Plate: Christmas Cookie Favorites 

Here's the thing about Christmas, it comes once a year & each year, there is never a shortage of Christmas Cookies. 

Whether we are baking extra sugar cookies for Santa Claus or whipping up a batch of easy peanut butter cookies for an upcoming Christmas party, Christmas cookies are a staple in everyone's household. If you're like my family, you like to bake Christmas cookies as well as stock up on the once-a-year-treats from a special bakery nearby. 

If you are looking to update this year's cookie plate or just wanting to test bake a few new holiday cookie recipes, I have composed a list of all of the Christmas cookies that end up on the Chef Family's Christmas Cookie Plate. We each bake our cookie favorites as well as buy some specialty cookies from local bakeries. 

I have also organized this post by listing who's favorite Christmas cookie is who's as well as linked to recipes so that you too can bake this year or the upcoming years. 

Merry Christmas & Happy Baking!

Christmas cookies that we bake each holiday
Easy Peanut Butter Cookies, Pecan Cups, Oreo Truffles 

Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookie Lover: Grandpa Vern. My {departed} grandpa loved all cookies actually, but sugar cookies were his favorite--he couldn't get enough! Funny enough, we would bake him one HUGE sugar cookie just so he wouldn't eat all the cookies in one night. We actually prefer the Pillsbury Roll Out Sugar Cookies found in the dairy aisle of the grocer. My mom & I usually slice the roll in half & roll to one half at a time while keeping the other half in the refrigerator. 

Additional Plant-based Sugar Cookie Recipe Found Here & a original Sugar Cookie Recipe Found Here.

Russian Teacakes 

Russian Teacake Lover, Grandma Pat. Russian Teacakes or as I call them, Snowballs are cute little round cookies covered in confectionary-sugar. I have baked almond snowball cookies before, but these are usually one of the cookies we buy from a bakery.

Additional Russian Teacake Recipe Here.

A full list of my family's Christmas Cookie baking traditions
Christmas Cookies 

Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookie Lover, Bentley & Cocoa, Family Dog{s}. Funny enough, my {departed} dog Cocoa & her {re-kindred spirit} aka my current dog, Bentley both loved/love the Peanut Butter Cookies. They are really simple to bake, I like the Betty Crocker Mix & they keep well in a tin by themselves. 

Additional Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe found Here.  


Pizzelle Cookie Lover, Riley, Family Dog. Riley, yep, my dog too, loves Pizelles. I think Pizzelle baking day is his favorite day. To make Pizzelle cookies, you'll need a Pizzelle Maker which creates the pretty snowflake-like design on each thin wafer-like cookie. However, you can make Pizzelle cookies in just about any flavor. We do either anise or vanilla flavor Pizelles. 

Additional {Anise} Pizzelle Cookie Recipe Here

Rum balls, pecan tarts, peanut butter cookies are a few cookies on our yearly Christmas cookie plate
Rum Balls, No-Bakes, & Lady Finger Cookies

Oreo Truffles

Oreo Truffle Lover, Mom, Mary Ann. Oreo truffles are simply ground Oreos & cream cheese formed into small balls & dipped into white or chocolate melted chocolate. If you want to get fancy with your Oreo Truffles, you can drizzle colored chocolate on top of the balls for a festive touch. 

Additional Oreo Truffle Recipe Found Here.

Pecan Cups 

Pecan Cup Lover, Dad, Dennis. Pecan Cups, No-Bake Peanut Butter Cookies, Rum Balls & a few other no-bake cookies are what my dad makes each year. His Pecan Cups are made inside of the Phillo-dough Cups & light-Kyro Syrup.

Pecan Cups are a great Christmas cookie plate addition as they are vegan-friendly. 

Additional healthy Pecan Cup Cookie Recipe Found Here

How-to Create a Christmas Cookie Plate

Rum Balls 

Rum Ball Lover, Me, Katelyn. I actually don't have a sweet tooth & pass on the cookie plate EXCEPT for one thing, Rum Balls or Bourbon Balls. These circular little cookies remind me of a boozy RX Bar. I really love'em!

Additional Rum Ball Recipe Found Here

Christmas Cookie Favorites

Other Christmas cookies that find a way on the Chef's cookie plate are Lady Fingers, Nut Horns, Cookies infused with bits of dried fruits, peanut butter balls, Sottis Pancakes & more. 

I hope you found a few Christmas cookies that you want to bake this Christmas Season. If you're looking for more inspiration, follow me on Instagram @ Katelynchef.

Happy Holidays! 

A full list of my family's Christmas cookie baking traditions
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