Sultry Summer Saturation: Featuring The Salty Pineapple Hut's Katherine Gaskin
Photo Courtesy Katherine Gaskin Tumbler 

Every summer, we are all on a personal quest--whether it is to seek out a little r and r, thrilling adventure, or inner growth summertime is the ample time to do so--or at nothing else become a beach bum for the season.

The Salty Pineapple Hut creator, Katherine Gaskin captures the essence of summertime throughout her daily water soaked  life with her inventive color-bombing method of beach photography.
Waikiki Print Collection 

Gaskin, as self proclaimed freelance traveling photographer is able to capture various paradise locations around the globe by uniquely "combining super-saturated colours, blazing hot sunsets, and photography" from her past voyages which showcase some of the world's most beautiful beaches.

While most of us collect seashells to remember our beach getaways, Gaskin's vivid hued paradise photography prints are her seaside souvenirs in her own right.

"These prints serve as souvenirs from each place I've visited and as a reminder to always be adventurous"   Gaskin says. She continues to say, "From Hawaii to across the world, I plan to release a set of art prints dedicated to each exotic paradise I can dig my toes into."

If a trip to Hawaii isn't in this summer vacation budget, Gaskin has your back as her first series of beachy prints are for-sale. This round of prints are influenced by her travels to Hawaii's breathtaking islands.

The Waikiki Hawaiian Islands Print Collection is guaranteed to cure any case of cabin fever.

All of Gaskin's prints are hand-signed and are limited to an edition of 25.
Truly, gems in print format.

Gaskin actively shares her salty shore photos of Hawaii and beyond through her Instagram page, but all of Gaskin's summer essential prints can be purchased from The Salty Pineapple Hut.
Wakiki Print Collection 
Summer is only here for a short time, but The Salty Pineapple Hut beach themed prints won't disappear after the last summer sun
sets. Like Gaskin says, "Stay Golden."

Keep up with Kat on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumbler too.