AN Insta-(Gram) Pop-Up Party

With Instagram ruling social media, I took a few quick picture picks right from my mother's IG page +Maryann Chef for this latest post.

Dec 5th was her birthday--a casual celebration, but a need for party essentials and a cake of course.

I wanted to keep the affair casual, but charming. Selecting a color scheme and a party theme is essential in event planning no matter how big or how small (ours was small).

Nether-the-less I was inspired by this year's Tiffany's NYC holiday windows that I witnessed a few weeks back as well as this season of the ABC show Once Upon a Time as it is centered around the Hans Christine Anderson fable, The Snow Queen. Truly delicious.

Blues, silvers, and snowflakes were present with the party decor along with a  snow-leopard hand-made paper poinsettia.

My favorite part about the decor (aside from the Das Dutch Haus cake) was the tiny mason jar--aka a party in a jar.
Party in a jar!

I took confetti, glitter, and sequins and put all the contents into the jar--voila! Party in a jar--and a keepsake for my mom to put out each year on Dec 5th. Ta-Da!