The Holiday Cards That Got Lost In The Mail

Holiday cards are just as fun to receive as they are to send via snail mail. With everything now being virtual and "online only" it is nice to actually, "like" something that you can hold. This is why I propose that you send at least one holiday card this year.

Break out the gold gel pen, stickers, stamps and write a heartfelt wish to a friend or family member--this gesture will make the holidays feel like the holidays.

Big wig card companies have made a killer living on selling greeting cards and envelopes to consumers --now smaller artists and online card personalizing companies( Minted, Shutterfly, Simply Jessica Marie, etc.) are taking over the creative market making personalizing cards, notes, and warm hellos a major trendy factor. These two fellas below were ahead of the curve before creating a cool yule was even well, cool.

Meet Vern Dufford--former Master Artist and Graphic Designer at Hallmark Cards along with Tom Wallon, Paper Engineer.

In this post, Dufford recalls his most memorable Christmas Card & Gift-Wrap Collection that never made it into the big H's retail display, A Razzle Dazzle Christmas. You can say, that these babies were lost in mail...until now.

Together, Dufford and Wallon created a dazzling red, black, and silver winter wonderland card collection. Dufford was the illustrator behind the fountain pen while Wallon executed his creative sketches with his card craftsmanship.

The collection that never made it to retail sales--maybe it was too glamorous for the retail customer or just to big to execute-- was a visual spectacle of wonder lust. Cards folded out to reveal reflective 3-D snowflakes and 3-D snowmen illuminated the holiday showcases.  The fierce red and black backgrounds of the handmade cards were softened by whimsical white silhouettes of deer, snowmen, snowflakes, and doves.

Take a peek at what Christmas inspired to make your own holiday merry. Send a card. Send some Christmas Cheer.


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  1. Great post!
    Makes my nose light up red with with Holiday cheer!