This Month's Feature: Bow & Drape
If only there was a majestically divine place where women could customize their clothes to their unique individual style...oh, wait there is a place. This is Bow & Drape, a revolutionary online create-it-yourself shop were tech & fashion savvy garment wizards create one-of-a-kind pieces. Yes, this means you too!

At Bow & Drape you'll be motivated to create your garments by the same things that the Bow & Drape founder, Aubrie Pagano was (and still to this day) inspired by--timeless fashion role modes a la Audrey Hepburn and classically elegant style.

Bow & Drape comments on the magic of their fashion success, stating, "We think it should be different. And by fusing technology with haute design, we believe that women can have a real connection with their clothing again."  
So, if you're someone whose falls asleep while looking through clothing racks at the mall then you better click on over to Bow & Drape. At the custom retail site, you'll be able to pick from an array of tops, bottoms, silhouettes, colors, trims, and more. All of their made-to-go creations are sewn, trimmed, hemmed, and shipped in 14 days from NYC.

Just imagine walking down the street in your uniquely you 1 in a melon striped skater jumper...heads will turn...eyes will stare...and lips will ask, "where on earth did you get such a cute dress?"

You'll smile and say, "Bow & Drape darling..Bow & Drape."

Share all of your fashion customized goodies using the hash tag #BowandDrape

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