A Snippet From The Jessica Behind: Simply Jessica Marie

The Jessica behind Simply Jessica Marie
Meet Jessica Clinch or also known to creative bloggers as, Simply Jessica Marie--SJM. SJM is utterly the whole package regarding the world of stationary, gift wrap, and event-planning. She does everything from custom water-color portraits to hand designed paper greeting cards--trust me you'll want to keep this token in mind for this year's holiday card selection.

Aside from painting, blogging, and creating SJM is also a lead party planner at The Amber House Weddings. So, with all the glamorous (yet hardworking) hats that Jessica Marie adorns what's her favorite part about her creative life?

Custom water-color portraits are her specialty 

She states, "While I adore creating everyday products for my shop, there is something so beautiful about working with someone to listen to their vision and make it come to life through a custom illustration." She continues, stating, "It truly sets my heart on fire!"

While Jessica Marie's illustrations continues to set her heart on fire, her unique methods of sending friendly "hellos" makes us giddy too. Luckily, we can all follow SJM on Instagram to see what she is currently up to.

"I am a very visual person, and love getting the chance to see a glimpse into other people's lives and the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating weddings, designs, and more. I also love the community that forms on Instagram" states SJM.

Still not completely bewildered by SJM's talents in the creative industry? Peak at her blog to get a better visual. There, you'll blush with pink pleasure as peonies, sequins, and dreamy illustrations fluttery your brain and visual senses with fancy details.

Of course, you'll be inspired to create something truly divine in your own right, but you'll also be inspired to do some shopping at the SJM boutique. Paintings and cards are a given, but how about a chic monogrammed canvas to give your space it's own personal touch? Oui. Oui. 

So, you think you have the dreams, talents, and social media chops to start up your own creative business?

Words of advice from SJM, "One of the key lessons I have learned in my business has been that collaborations are so wonderful for growth."
 She proceeds, saying, "... Try something new and creative that you might not have otherwise thought to do on your own, and have your final project shared on both of your social media sites, gaining exposure for both of your businesses. It has been invaluable for SJM!"

SJM just maybe the SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) of the paper/party planning world...it has big, but fabulous shoes to fill none-the-less.

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