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Monday, December 5, 2016

PJ Time ft Edoughble

Christmastime seems like the time when pj's become in vogue. Although, if you want my personal opinion cute jammies are the jam no matter the season.

Anyways, what goes better with pj's other than a good holiday movie & cookie dough? Um, edible cookie dough that you don't have to bake, but eat right out of the jar!

Edoughble Cookie Dough 

The Edoughble family sent over two different holiday flavors--Hot Chocolate & Milk & Cookies for me to try. Yes, it was super yummy!

"Since each batch of cookie dough made by hand, this dough was uniquely made just for you. Kind of like your own doughy, sugary snowflake of goodness"--Edoughble 


Aside from not having to bake the dough, it is crafted with natural & fresh ingredients. So, basically, guilt free which is a gift in itself during the holidays.

Hot Chocolate w/Hot Chocolate!

Keep up with the doughy goodness on Instagram  / Twitter/ Pinterest/ Facebook @edoughble
& To read more about ingredients, flavors, and where to buy click here 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Holiday Glitz ft Sail to Sable

What maybe the best part of the holiday season is the abundance of glitz, sequins, shimmer, shine, and champagne inspired hues. Am I right? 

Thankfully, fashion labels like Sail to Sable agree. In this post, I am wearing Sail to Sable Holiday 2016 Noel Jacquard Coat

Thank You STS for the beautiful coat 

It's a light champagne color with threads of gold & matching buttons. What maybe the best part about the jacket is the lining inside--yes, it's bright pink.

You know, cause pink makes all the elves wink.

Kate Spade Boots {in black}
If you think this particular coat is adorable I can assure you that you will feel the same way toward the sail to Sable Holiday Collection as they have everything from a feather duster skirt to playful shift dresses & more. You can view their complete Holiday Collection here & keep up with Sail to Sable on Instagram @sailtosable  

Let me know what your personal go-to seasonal look is. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Stocking Stuffers 2016

Keep Calm & Ho Ho On--That's my motto for the next few Holiday infused weeks! I hope everyone had a happy & hearty Thanksgiving. What's  your fave side dish?

Stocking print 
Anywho, the turkey is beyond gone by now & you are probably already onto Christmas shopping & stocking stuffing?


Below, I am sharing my 2016 stocking faves as well as the cutest monogram stocking from Jacob Wallace Designs. & You can use code KATELYN {pretty simple} for 20% any stocking pattern & customization. This year, mine is in the Lilly Pulitzer inspired pattern ''Exotic Garden''

Below, is what I hope to give {& get, shh} Shoutout if you love any of these too!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!Oh, Thank Gourd!

Wishing you & your families the happiest Thanksgiving & shopping weekend! If you find yourself too full on turkey & too tired to brace the crowds. Be sure to checkout my Gilmore Girls' Revival party. Can't wait to chat with all of you to see how the premier goes!

& As for table settings you've read my Copper Trend post--I'll be setting the table in coppery-tones. Pass this super cute gravy boat!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, Thank Gourd!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Thankful For Gilmore: Gilmore Girls Revival Party

With Thanksgiving{basically} is here. Aside from the traditional Thanksgiving thankfulness, there's one additional not-so-traditional thing to be thankful for this year. The return-rather-the revival of Gilmore Girls: A Year in a Life airing November 25th on Netflix.

I have been waiting for the GG revival since the show went off the air. Moving past turkey, I have put together a fun Gilmore-Girl Watch Party. You will notice that I have styled my Gilmore Girls {frosted} sugar cookies using a few Kate Spade NY Home items linked above. For styling tips, see the below!

*Coffee is a given at your party-I am really liking the Tim Horton K-Cups

* Cookies, pop-tarts, pizza, soda, ice cream, and whatever else can be found in the pantry is a GG watch staple. Unfortunately, the Gilmores really never ate healthy-although being the health nut that  I am, I'll sneak some carrots when Rory isn't watching.

* Official/ Unofficial Gilmore Swag & don't forget to wear your cutest/ most comfy slippers-it's a premiere party after all.

''I'd Rather be watching Gilmore Girls'' Via

Let me know if you're a Gilmore fan! I am so looking forward to seeing Rory, Luke, Lorelai, and hopefully, Logan...what about you?

& I have a fun Gilmore Girls Post on if you want to give it a quick read over the Holiday weekend.

Cheers to Netflix, Gilmore Fans, & a whole lot of coffee.
Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fantastic Beasts Mode {Harry Potter Inspired}

3. 2. 1. Harry Potter! Okay, so not really Harry, but November 18th a new Harry Potter movie-Fantastic Beast & Where to Find Them hits theaters. As a officially Potter buff-I feel it's my duty to say that I am excited, but unsure how I will feel watching a Harry Potter movie without Harry.

Fantastic Beasts
P.S. How cute is the Hogwarts Alum Sweatshirt

I credit basically my interest {career} in writing to the Harry Potter books. Seriously, before I read an HP book, I really struggled in grade school & then something just clicked after getting into the series & it thoroughly changed my school performance {like zero to 100} & my life interests/ passions.

So, will you be in attendance for the new HP-ish movie? It's going to be the first of five! I do miss Harry, but maybe the Eddie Redmayne character will be my new fave...?

& just for fun, I have a post out on Brit & Co on how-to-binge all the eight HP films before you go to see Fantastic Beasts. You can read that post here.

Oh well, as you can tell, I am trying to get Riley into the series. Of course, he's a Gryffindor.
Monday, November 14, 2016

Copper Home Decor Trend

If you keep up with home decor trends you may have noticed that copper is having a moment. Truly, I think nothing is prettier than touches of copper in a kitchen, but now I am seeing bedside copper trays, copper mugs, & even lamps too.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I have linked a few of the copper items/small appliances I currently am crushing on. Plus, when I think of copper that Sound of Music song ''copper kettles...brown paper packages...'' automatically plays in my head.

Are you incorporating the copper trend into your home/kitchen?

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