Bubblegum Balloons: The Balloon Business is Booming!

The Bubblegum Balloon Gals 
There is no party without a cake, but really there is no party like a real party without any balloons. Truly, have you ever been to a birthday celebration without balloons? Or to a anniversary par-tay with balloons being M.I.A? I didn't think so.

Meet Bubblegum Balloons. Their name is just as delicious as their selection (& creations) of marvelous, over-the-top balloons. The British balloon company was found by three besties; Sally Hodge, Laura Slater (sisters), and their good friend, Megan Robertson. Each of the women all share a passion for creativity and of course, balloons.

Over a glass (they say two) of wine the friends came up with a unique balloon creation--confetti filled balloons with excellent tassels, ribbons, and trinkets adorning the balloon's string--truly nothing exists like it in the party atmosphere.

Now, the UK Bubblegum Balloon business has popped! In a good way. Their happy creations have been everywhere from Givenchy to L'Oreal. In this feature, The Yellow Spectacles interviewed one of the BB founders, Sally to see what its like to work for a business that runs on helium.

The Yellow Spectacles: What is a a typical workday like at Bubblegum Balloons?

Sally: There is defiantly no typical workday at Bubblegum Balloons. We could be up on a early start to London, packing up balloons to be delivered, keeping up with emails and social media input, and of course, we get in a lot of photo shoots and design days! It's a lot of hard work and juggling, but we wouldn't change a thing!

T.Y.S: How do you and the balloon team keep ideas fresh and creative?

Sally: We are constantly looking for the next thing...it is great to have so much inspiration out there by the way of social media and our clients always push us in directions we never thought we would go...They keep us on our toes with all of our ideas.

For the time being, Bubblegum Balloons has 28 various gift balloons with their Superstar Balloon being the most popular.

T.Y.S: Bubblegum Balloons is a UK based company. Do your clients mainly exist at your home base or do you have a wide client outreach?

Sally: We are building a worldwide fan base which is super exciting for us! But yes, the majority of our customers are UK based, but we are flying to Venice to setup balloons for a party soon.

So, it is safe to bet that these ladies have more than hot air and glitter in their pockets--they know what it takes to build a brand. When they first launched their business, the gals sent press balloons to possible vendors, buyers, bloggers you name it in order to gain exposure.

T.Y.S: Can you recall what was Bubblegum Balloons' first big break?

A whole lot of helium

Sally: Yes, at the start, we fell in love with our brand and our ideas were non-stop! We had a great response from our launch press release, it was then we knew we had something special.

T.Y.S: What was your biggest event? How many balloons were used?

Sally: We did a 1000 balloons for a very special little princess--that's a lot of helium!

With all their fabulous ideas, balloons, and parties to show off you can imagine that Bubblegum Balloons' social media platform is huge. The company is big on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and their blog--Checkout their unique creations.

As for you--someone sitting on the verge of a creative, successful,one-of-a-kind business take notes from the BB team. Sally says, "Just start making the dream happen one day at a time. Have a goal and start pushing your ideas. Get your brand out there and in front of the right people."

Sally and the BB team know the secret to a better business as they each play on each other's strengths; one is more creative, another is business savvy etc.

T.Y.S: So, what's next for Bubblegum Balloons? Other than more and more balloons of course?

Sally: We are currently looking for a new premise, that will be the expansion of our team...some exciting times ahead for Bubblegum Balloons.

No matter the dream, goal, or occasion Bubblegum Balloons has a balloon for that occasion. The creative brand keeps reminding all creative spirits that success is within our reach--we just have to look up once in a while.

"Let's make people happy together!"


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  1. This gives new meaning to the tune "Up Up and Away" in my beautiful balloon!