7 Upcycled Crafts for Earth Day

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 7 Upcycled Crafts For Earth Day 

Earth Day, Saturday, April 22nd, 2023 is a day we should use as a jumping point to be more subconscious about our waste & spending for all of the day leading up to the 22nd as well as the days that follow. 

I know for one, I can do better about less waste. However, I have been making conscious efforts throughout the last few years to renew & reuse what I already own or what otherwise would be tossed out. If you're a loyal reader, you'll pick up on my DIYs where I upcycle everyday household items like tissue boxes, brown paper bags, paper plates, & oat meal cardboard canisters to make into seasonal crafts as well as gift wrap.

I actually love upcycling household items into something new, cute, & purposeful After they have been re-used & no longer needed, I then recycle them. 

In the spirit of Earth Day, I wanted to do a 7 Upcycled Crafts for Earth Day, that I have made & blogged about through the years. 

DIYs made from everyday household items
Sustainable & Re-usable Earth day Crafts 

1. Pet Inspired-Valentine Card Box: You'll recall my past Valentine's card box DIY where I took a empty tissue box & made it look like my dog Bentley? This is one of the many recycling crafts you can do with empty boxes. 

2. Easter Baskets for Pets: Seasonal spring craft ideas are plentiful this time of year. You can take a grocery bag & fashion it into an Easter basket to fill with treats for your fur-babies. 

3. Cardboard Binoculars: At the end of the day, who doesn't have leftover paper towel & or toilet paper tubes lying in their waste can? You can make fun cardboard binoculars with paper towel tubes. If not make for cute photo props for yourself, this Earth Day inspired craft is also great to make with children. 

4. Shark-Inspired Valentine's Day Card Box DIY: Do you recall my Jaws-inspired Valentine's Day card box? I took an oatmeal container & fashioned it into a card box. 

5. Mermaid Popsicle Sticks: Surely, you'll have some leftover popsicles sticks this summer. With some paint and yarn, you can repurpose your popsicle sticks {after washing} to make little mermaids! 

6. Upcycled Gift Wrap: You can trim your tree with handmade decor, but also your can be a sustainable gift wrapper. Check out this post where I repurposed a variety of household items into holiday gift wrap. 

7. Reindeer Paper Bag: Reindeer around Christmas time are everywhere. If you're in a gift wrap pinch, transforming a brown paper bag into seasonal wrappings is even cuter. 

DIY Valentine Card Box
I upcycled a tissue box into a Valentine's Day card box 

Well, there you have it. 7 repurposed, earth-friendly crafts you can make throughout the year to reuse, recycle, & treat planet earth with the love & respect she deserves! 

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binocular paper towel tube crafts
7 up cycled crafts for Earth Day 

paper daisies
DIY Earth Day Crafts