Used is the New 'New' Ways to Shop & Support Planet Earth

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Used is the New 'New' Ways to Shop & Support Planet Earth

In my thirties, I have {moderately} gotten into thrifting, vintage items have peaked my interests, & buying used/pre-owned camera equipment has become a norm for me. 

I have to say, this is real growth. I am not the same girl in her twenties or even younger as buying pre-owned was something I never did. However, I always loved hand-me-downs. 

With such a drive to 'buy-buy-buy' from online retailers big & small, I often wonder, why do we have so much stuff? Where does all this stuff go? Then, these thoughts are usually followed by thoughts of guilt & the desire to become a pure minimalist. 

I am a Taurus & we like stuff. However, I am trying to be more conscious in the way I use & buy 'stuff.' 

Since Earth Day is this month, I wanted to write earth-conscious blog posts to share ways, no matter how little, I am trying to purposely buy & re-used items I have & want. 

cardboard crafts
I repurpose household items, like cardboard to make little paper crafts like this cardboard box camera DIY 

Leica X1
Buying used camera gear is good on your wallet & good for the earth 

  • Conscious Clothing Consumption: I know there are like a million earth-friendly or sustainable clothing lines to support & that's amazing. However, my new motto when buying anything new has been broken down by the facts; 'will I wear this more that 30 times' & 'if I buy this, I have to donate something I already own.' You will recall my start with this conscious clothing consumption theory with my 'Wear It 30x Little White Dress Edition.' Here, I thrifted a new Gal Meets Glam dress & styled it through the four Ohio weather seasons. 
  • Buying Pre-Owned Gear: I confess, I love {love} cameras & camera gear. Sadly, it's an expensive love. more so than the years before, I have bought pre-owned gear. While there is a price decrease in buying pre-owned cameras & lenses, it's also eco-friendly. Win. Win! 
  • Re-Purposing Household Items: I have many blog posts where I take everyday household items {oatmeal canisters & brown paper bags} to make something new. 
While I know these are small things, any sustainable or earth-conscious effort you can put forth pays a lot of respect to planet earth. With spring around the corner, I feel like re-using a paper towel tube or re-wearing my white dress are little ways I can thank earth for all of the beautiful blooms to come. 

Earth Conscious Buying Guide
Earth-friendly reusable crafts I have made throughout the years. 

Happy Earth Day. 

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Gal meets Glam white dress
Thrifting is good for the planet!

Earth Day Crafts
Earth Day Crafts