Little White Winter Dress: Wear It 30X Edition

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Little White Winter Dress: Wear It 30X Edition 

Personally, I love when silver white winters melt into spring. Extra emphasis on the melt into spring bit. 

While winter is all about cozy season, if you have been following along this past year, you'll recall this white Gal Meets Glam dress I have challenged myself to style for every season--spring, summer, fall, & now, winter. 

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Going back to the first white dress style post, it is nice to come full circle. This re-styling a little white dress journey {that was thrifted new with tags} has been in part to inspire me as well as others to really think about what we are buying & the length of time we foresee ourselves using/wearing the item{s}.

From this, when buying clothing, if we can say we will wear that garment at least 30x then it is a good buy. Doing this style challenge is not only to be more sustainable & say no to fast fashion, but it is also to steer away from impulse buying & really be a thoughtful consumer. 

I can say this has made a big impact on what I put inside my closet, but this has also inspired me to have a less is more mentally that trickles down to my photography gear. I am working toward owning a select few high-quality lenses & cameras instead of an assortment of entry-level to professional levels. 

It is my goal to have everything that I own to have a purpose, if the item doesn't have a purpose, then I do not need to hang on to that item. 

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Winter dress

I hope you find this wear 30x edition to be inspirational. It has taught me to slow down, think about purchases, be more mindful with spending & where I spend my time. Mindful buying isn't an easy feat! It takes practice & dedication, but over time, it is worth it! 

Without further adieu, see the below for Winter's Little White Dress Wear It 30x Style Edition. 

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How to be a mindful consumer
Actively trying to become a more mindful consumer 

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