Little White Dress: Autumn Wear It 30x Times Edition

White Fall Dress

 Little White Dress: Autumn Wear It 30x Times Edition 

White Woman's Dress
I styled this fall dress with monogram rainboots, black. 

Nude Dangling Earrings
Clip-On Lisi Lerch Earrings 

We are getting closure to wrapping up my style blog post challenge where I style the same {thrifted} white Gal Meets Glam dress for each of the four seasons. 

Thus far, I have created looks featuring the thrifted white dress for Spring & Summer. Now, it is Autumn's turn. 

To remind you as to why I started this challenge, was to be more mindful of the clothes I buy & how-many times I would intend on wearing that garment. In a Vogue article, I read that if you intend on wearing a piece at least 30 times, it is justifiable to buy it. 

I have to admit, I purge my closet often, but this little white dress, I intend on keeping, as doing this challenge has made me really fond of this piece. Plus, she's just so cute with her shoulder ties & eyelet embellishments. 

Monogram woman's rainbows
The rainboots & cape add a 'preppy' touch 

Woman's fall white dress
Happy Fall Y'All!

Since my style philosophy is 'easy-breezy' I wanted to keep it so for fall. I took a Burberry-inspired flannel wrap as the main difference in styling the dress in the cooler months. Adding monogram black rainboots with ties in the back was a fun-preppy element I thought would be cute as well as unexpected. 

I kept my accessories simple. My bronze/blonde sunglasses match the fall wrap along with a gold KJP anchor ring, & Lisi Lerch clip-on earrings. 

woman's black patten leather hand bag
Little Black Bag 

Fall Clothing Thrifting
Fall Color Pallette 

If you're like me, you are inspired to keep your closet at a non-explosive level. Curating & keeping pieces that you both love & wear is my long-term goal. 

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Woman's Black Rainboots
Fall Fashion 

thrifting fall style