Bentley: In Loving Memory

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Bentley: In Loving Memory 

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Bentley. In LOVING Memory 

Bentley Nov 9, 2014-October 6, 2022

I'll Meet You In the Light

~By: Anonymous

I know that you can't see me, 

But trust that I am right here.

Although I am up in Heaven,

My love for you stays near.

So often I see you crying,

Many times you call my name.

I want so much to lick your face,

& Ease some of your pain.

I wish that I could make you see

That Heaven is indeed real.

If you could see me run & play,

How much better you would feel.

But our loving God has promised me that when the time is right,

You'll step out of the darkness

& Meet me in the light. 

white small dog
Poem for the passing of a dog.