What Happened to Fanny Fright? Strange Fiction.


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What Happened to Fanny Fright? Strange Fiction

As the years went by, Fanny was never the woman who grew into what society thought a sensible female should grow into. A marriage, family, white picket fence, & sensible four-door car were all things others who were Fanny's age grew into, but not Fanny. 

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To some, Fanny seemed lonely, but to others who knew better than to tie themselves to any situation where they were committed for life, secretly respected Fanny's independence & carefree spirit.

On most days, it wasn't uncommon for Fanny to be out & about, with her camera attached to her wrist, readily available for the next candid snap.  The local cemetery, a place often noted for being haunted, was a typical place for Fanny to be. Especially so close to Halloween, the leaves were crisp, making the location's iconic yet eerie cast-iron gates loom like gigantic gargoyles parked at the various cemetery entrances a perfect spot. 

There was something about those gates that really piqued Fanny's interest. Did they keep spirits in? Satin out? This time of year was magical, almost witch-like for anyone who walked through the large ominous gates. 

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The night before Halloween, Fanny was there. She made her way through the iron gates, lifting her wrist, & placing her camera's view-finder right to her eye. A rustle, behind her, caused her to stop, lowering her camera & turning around. There was nothing. 

Squirrels were at their busiest right now, it must have been a squirrel. 

Walking further down the bending path, rows of ancient tombstones lay crooked like a child's teeth before getting braces. Fanny lifted her wrist once again, in the hopes of capturing the crooked line of tombstones. The rustle happened again. Without missing a beat, Fanny turned. Her viewfinder was still glued to her eye. It was there she saw the shape. A shape of something she never saw before, let alone inside the gates. 

It was in that split second, that Fanny pressed the shutter, firmly. The camera took the picture. Fanny's last picture. 

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What Happened to Fanny Fright? 

To this day, the town still asks, whatever happened to Fanny Fright? On the days leading up to Halloween, children still make their way through the looming gates, in hopes that they'll see Fanny or at least, Fanny's Ghosts. 

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Halloween Fiction 

It is not uncommon for folks on brisk walks or tending to love one's tombs that they'll hear something. Not a rustle, but the clicks of a camera, a camera's shutter. Stories of these strange sounds are usually followed by a chilling wind burst or at least, a light gust. It is at that moment it is known that Fanny's presence is around. 

Whatever happened to Fanny Fright? No one has ever figured it out. However, the final clue may be on her camera & that last image she managed to capture. Where is it you may ask? Somewhere beyond those large, dark, heavy gates. Enter, if you dare. 

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