DIY Candy Cauldron


DIY Candy Cauldron 

This time of year, we look at everything in nature & lurking in the shadowy distance with a bit of wonder & curiosity of wondering what if...

Like what if that shadow isn't just a shadow, but something else? Something enchanting? Something haunting? Or maybe it's just a shadow. Or is it? 

One thing is for certain, this is also the time of year for candy. Whether you're into fun-size chocolates or critter-shaped gummies, you can find it everywhere. 

Call me a criminal, but I am a bit of a candy outlaw. I always look for healthy options.  No matter, if you're a candy {the real stuff} connoisseur or a healthy hobbit, this DIY Candy Cauldron post is for you!

Candy Bucket

Sabrina teenage witch


One Empty Coffee Can

Black Spray Paint

Fun decorative supplies like glitter puff-paint, ribbon, sequins, etc. 

Hot Glue Gun 

Halloween DIY Candy Bucket
Halloween DIY Candy Bucket 

Halloween Crafts


Coffee can DIYs

To make your DIY Coffee Can Cauldron, it's pretty easy & you can use most things around the home. 

First, spray your coffee can aka caldron black. Once dry, you can embellish as desired. I used a stencil & did a celestial moon along with some polka dots. 

A ribbon element is great to adhere to the top of the cauldron to complete the look. Feel free to add an additional piece of add ribbon for the handle if desired. Best places to find seasonal embellishments are places like the Dollar Store & or Joann Fabrics. 

Lastly, fill a bucket/cauldron with your favorite Halloween treats & candy. 

Surely, you'll have the cutest Halloween Candy Bucket in the Coven. 

Happy Halloween, Trick-or-Treat?

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Witch's cauldron
DIY Cauldron Bucket 

Candy Cauldron