How-To Prep Your Porch For Fall

How-To Prep Your Porch For Fall 

Is it me, or this time of year, I get the casual faint whiff of pumpkin seeds roasting in an oven? While we are not yet near smelling chestnuts roasting on an open fire yet too far from hot dogs sizzling on a summer grill, autumn has its perks & peaks. 

One of them being dressing your porch {or stoop} for fall. While some keep it simple with a pumpkin, maybe a mum, others deck the heck out of their space for fall.

Whether you're a minimalist, a little more 'extra', or somewhere in the middle, here are my personal tips for prepping your porch for fall

Outdoor Fall Decor
Fall Outdoor Decorations 

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Fall Front Porch Decor 

1. Clean Slate: Before any mums, pumpkins, or creepy butlers appear on your porch, you need to start with a clean slate. Take all of your current decor/outdoor furniture off your porch & hose her down! You'll want to wash away the summer bugs, pollen, & any gathered debris. After your porch is clean/dry, you can start the seasonal transition. 

2. Pick a Theme: Are you decorating for fall or Halloween? Settle on your porch decor aesthetic & let your inspiration take you to creative places. 

3. Pumpkins: Heirloom pumpkins, funny shape gourds, & yes, traditional orange pumpkins can really add the fall pep into your porch setup. If you have stairs, scattering your pumpkins down one side of your steps or on either side of your doorway always looks festive. 

4. Autumn Wreaths: Now is the time to switch from your summer wreath to an autumn wreath.  Aside from cleaning your porch, if this is the only autumn outdoor decoration you do add, it's a festive & friendly touch. Just be sure that your wreath is to scale with your door, no one can see a super tiny wreath from the road. 

5. Light Her Up: If you really want to illuminate the season, twinkle lights or maybe lights swagged around your doorway add visual appeal to your porch, especially at dusk! 

Fall Decorations

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How-to-Decorate Your Porch for Fall

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