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November 2, 2020

Styling November'20: Styling your Front Porch for Fall

Styling November'20: Styling your Front Porch for Fall  

Each passing day, I make a mental note, toward evening, that the sun sets earlier & earlier. While we are long past Labor Day & Daylight Savings {fall back one hour} ended this year on November 1st, summer couldn't be farther away. 

Is it annoying that I can't fully embrace fall? Winter? To some, probably. To others who love to chase warm sunrises, rinse the chlorine off their toasted skin, & can never seem to shake that last bit of sand from the bottom of their bags get it. I am sure. 

Thanks to the nationwide pandemic & Daylight Savings ending for the year, those days are long in the rear-view mirror. At least for now. Right now, it's cozy home vibes, blooming potted mums, warm pumpkin pie, & feel-good Nancy Meyer home movie nights. 

Styling November this year, I am ushering fall over to the front porch & sharing just how to make autumn feel at home on your doorstep. Decorating your outdoor space such as the front porch two things help elevate that space into a welcoming autumnal area; mums & pumpkins. Before selecting your mums & pumpkins, settling on a fall color scheme will help pull your outdoor space together. 

Selecting two {three tops} corresponding colors will help you when deciding on everything from the mum color, pumpkin colors, welcome mat, & so forth. Additionally, knowing how to edit your outdoor space will help the final look feel more cohesive. 

Before any of the fall elements were added here, we washed the front porch down & edited away some decor/furniture that was out here during the spring/summer. This way, when the fall elements were added, the porch didn't look cluttered. After everything has been prepped, cleaned & decorated, selecting a seasonal wreath for the front door ties everything together nicely. 

This fall/winter magnolia leaf wreath is timeless & will take the porch's style right into Thanksgiving. 

We both love to decorate with all the things you find at a Connecticut farm, apples, pumpkins, little pumpkins make sure decorating on a wall, Indian corn, hay bale, gourds.  All the colors that mums are available during the season too.  It is always fun bringing out the Halloween/Harvest box of seasonal things too to decorate!-The creators of the brand, Sailor-Sailor

Styling November Houndstooth Dress

Aside from the front porch's fall style, I was happy to style a dress from Sailor-Sailor's Fall 2020 Collection.  This Sailor Sailor dress is called the Grace Dress & it's so easy-breezy to slip on & wear whether you want to dress it up or style it down. 

We love our new Caroline dress!  We took our #1 Marina dress and gave it a long sleeve and added a ruffle on the cuff!  Fits a lot of figures!  Classic with a preppy twist!--Sailor-Sailor 

I paired it with a pair of low-rise Tommy Hilfiger {old, sorry} duck-boots & a knit Kate Spade {a few season's old} beret. My glasses are from Phonetic Eyewear

Since houndstooth is such a timeless pattern, I can see myself wearing this dress at different times of the year as it can be easily interchanged with different accessories to match the season. 

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